How is it played between the United States? What's between us? Find out all about the fashion game

You will likely be known by a large number of people by now, especially teenagers and young adults. If you've ever played the famous round of cards " police and thief «, This game carries the same premise in the virtual realm.

Of course, the context is different, but you don't stop playing with third parties, friends or family and over time you discover new things around the gameplay, ensuring hours of gameplay that will undoubtedly be memorable.

Before playing Among Us, know what the game is

Although many consider it a recent or new game, the truth is that has just over 2 years of existence. The creators of InnerSloth didn't expect the game to become so popular these days, but overnight it happened and play now Among Us and of great fashion .

It is a multiplayer game that integrates games from 4 to 10 players a which are assigned random roles. Once connected to the server and occupied the seats, from 1 to 3 players, depending on how the game is made, they will come randomly selected to fill the position of impostors inside a spaceship.

The rest of the players will be members of the crew of said interstellar vehicle with missions or tasks to perform to avoid a catastrophe inside the ship. For their part, the impostors play with the goal of assassinating the crew without being noticed and sabotaging their tasks, so that in the end they are the winners.

When an imposter reaches his mission and assassinates one of the crew members, the corpse can be discovered by the rest of the companions. In this case, an emergency meeting is called and by means of a vote plus the evidence presented it is possible to choose who could be the impostor. If successful, the crew will win and prevail over the enemies; However, if they fail, the game will continue until the culprit is found.

Among Us's belated success, why is it so popular?

Initially, Playing Among Us was designed to involve 20 to 50 people playing simultaneously on multiple servers at the same time. It wasn't the average the developers expected, but for that amount the game performed well enough.

With the passage of time and the rise of streaming on Twitch, a large number of people have made their own videos showing reactions when playing the role of imposter, gaining karats in popularity. Over time and following these reactions live, it is it was a matter of blinking that playing Among Us was so popular.

Thanks to the Twitch monetized platform, Russian roulette of fame has favored this game which has gone from having 50 people playing to 1,5 million records this year alone.

A figure that is clear was not expected and responds to failures that the servers present at a general level. Because the game was designed primarily for limited playability. Therefore and due to this exponential increase, A second version has already been announced to improve these server failures.

Regardless of this temporary glitch, the game is really fun, although it could be greatly improved if you put some effort into it. Among Us is one of those platforms that mark a place in the heart and ensure fun moments. Therefore don't miss the chance to enjoy this fantastic game. Download between us asap!

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