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    How many reports do you have to ban in Fortnite? What to do to avoid being banned?

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    Comply with fair and legal game is the best thing you can do to prevent your account from being permanently deleted from a game. You'll miss out on things to do in Fortnite's creative mode.

    However, by not reading the rules many times you can mistakenly do something that is frowned upon. You are hurt even if you didn't have any bad intentions, that's why the importance of what you will see today.

    What to do to not be banned in Fortnite?

    The first thing you should know is how many negative reports are required for your account to be banned. What to do to not be banned in Fortnite? It is quite relative.

    Depending on the severity of what you have done or if you are a repeat offender, your account can be blocked even with a single report. Where to play Fortnite will no longer be a problem, much less organizing private or custom games in Fortnite when banned.

    Epic Games takes reports very seriously, so they always review them before banning anyone, so that no injustice is committed against designated players.

    Now, in order not to get banned, you simply need to avoid breaking the rules and don't do some things that are frowned upon by the community which would be:


    Team up in completely individual games

    Yes, what to do to avoid being banned? It's the question, so one of the main answers would be, don't look for friends when you shouldn't.

    Many people instead of playing in pairs or in teams decide to ally with others in individual matches, in this way they have a better chance of getting to the end and finishing first, this is frowned upon by Epic Games and is one of the main causes of expulsion. and I ban.

    You just have to signal yourself and other people that you are out of the game forever, if you choose to play alone then play alone, allying is cowardly.

    do not move

    Many people in different Battle Royale games use the don't move tactic or hiding during the game, in order to reach the end without breaking a sweat, this is frowned upon and can be a cause of prohibition, as Epic Games can detect that you are not moving at all and punish yourself for it.

    Also keep in mind that this also applies if you have gone for a meal or gone out for a moment, so if you are planning on quitting the game, it is best to go back to the lobby until you come back.

    climb trees

    While it may seem like a great strategy to climb a tree and kill anything that moves without being seen from there, you shouldn't do it, this action is considered completely. illegal and it is cause of direct ban, since the game takes it so you are using cheats. So it is better to hide in different places.

    Look behind the walls

    If you thought that only with the above the answer to the question , what to do so that they don't bother me? , I was told because you were wrong, there is still a cause of prohibition which is perhaps the worst of all and it is serious, using tricks to see behind walls.

    There is nothing worse than a player using hacks to beat others, this is frowned upon in most if not all games. In Fortnite it was very common to see people using an illegal trick to show what was behind each wall without the need to expose themselves, until Epic came and banned them all.

    So, if someone comes along and offers you a wonderful innovative trick that will make you win every game, say no, because if you don't, you'll find yourself in a lot of trouble. And the latter should have been clear since the question what to do to keep me Baneen ?, so you can go play and feel safe without worrying about your account being blocked.

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