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    How much can I earn in Axie Infinity per month? - Playing time

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    In this article you will not only know how much you can earn with the video game, but you will also be able to find out  like taxes are handled in countries or know what's best for you in terms of investing in the game. You can also analyze if you prefer to invest by buying boards or if it is convenient for you to be an intern.

    How do I calculate the price at which I will charge my income in Axie Infinity?

    Axie Infinity can help you improve your economy as well, depending on the time you spend playing , you can get more or less of the game, as it gives you rewards for winning fights.

    Things to contemplate

    Keep in mind that if you make a good investment in Axie Infinity, it won't be that hard to start earning $ 1.000 to $ 1.200 (USD) month. If the calculation of the estimate of how much you can win is high, you must know that you have to dedicate a few hours to the game.

    What do you think of the proceeds of this video game?

    At the moment, the hacienda hasn't said anything about the popular Axie Infinity video game. Most likely this is due to the fact that they do not consider that the main goal of the game is to extract SLP, but that the aim is to win the game and that the players receive a reward in return.

    Do you pay taxes or not?

    Playing Axie Infinity does not imply that you have to pay taxes on your winnings, however there is an exception. It was recently claimed in the Philippines Department of Finance that users will be taxed.

    One of the main and important reasons to keep in mind is that the use of cryptocurrencies in the Philippines requires the payment of VAT.

    What's the best way to get into the game?

    Axie Infinity can be very flexible when it comes to getting into the game, as it gives you two options. In the first you have to make an initial investment by buying assi and the other is being a companion.


    If you are interested in getting into the game as a fellow, it is essential that you look for a scholarship manager who will award you your three free aces and start playing.

    Earnings as an intern depend on the manager, since these must be divided by establishing a percentage for each. This can be a good option if you don't have the money to buy your aces.

    With this economical combination of Axie

    You can start playing with a good combination in a way that you can generate your profits little by little. It is important to look for the best prices for axes, as some tend to sell them very expensive.

    It is a good option to have aces such as beast, plant, aquatic or bird in that combo. In addition to having them at a good price, they are the most used for their skills and strengths at the time of the fight.

    Where can I get a scholarship to play Axie Infinity?

    There are many sites where you can opt for an Axie Infinity scholarship, either through different social networks where you will meet people who offer scholarships or even on some web pages.

    It is essential that when you are looking for scholarships, they are awarded to you by people you trust or have a good enough reputation to avoid certain inconveniences. This is because there will be no contract in between.

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