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    How to dodge shots in GTA 5 with controller or keyboard - Grand Theft Auto 5

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    It should be noted that this game is very popular, thanks to its entertainment capacity but also because it has an interface with excellent playability. Where players can buy properties, get helicopters and more, which are of great help throughout the game.

    How to dodge hits in GTA 5 with a controller or keyboard?

    This new version was born as one of the most ambitious projects of Rockstar North, which would have unveiled it on September 17, 2013. And having computers and video game consoles Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3 as the main consumer area, 4 and 5.


    This type of platform is created for lovers of weapons and activities with adrenaline components, as you will have access to a wide variety of weapons and devices that are almost inaccessible in real life. Like a submarine with which to navigate the aquatic spaces.

    What are the keys or keyboard and controller combinations to avoid hits in Gta 5?

    The greatest of the virtues of Grand Theft Auto 5 is the implementation of several tricks in the form of a combination to obtain resources. Of course, if the game is developed by a PlayStation, button combinations will be the medium to use. However, in the case of computers, key combinations are used to get the tricks.


    One of the most important reasons why these combinations are used in the game is for example in situations where there is a combat close. So the character will have to defend himself and also take cover and roll around to avoid taking severe damage.

    On the keyboard

    To avoid the blows of other opponents of the Q key will be be used at the same time. This must also be accompanied by knocks in response. So the R key will come used to deliver shots of medium to low strength and the O and G button for high-powered shots.

    fight with weapons you have to press i RMB keys and in case the fight is hand to hand you can use the R key so that the character starts fighting with fists. Use the keys clearly to avoid the opponent's blows.

    To create a space between you and the fighter you can press the space bar, this will also help you buy enough time to search for a weapon or use the punch accessory which will cause even more damage with hits.

    Sul controller Xbox e su Play Station

    If you are playing from your PS3, PS4 or PS5 video game console, you can dodge blows and counterattack using the following maneuver: aim at your opponent with the L2 button. Wait for it to come close to hit you and in doing so press the square button while simultaneously pressing the left joystick to the right or the joystick left back.

    For the Xbox 360 controller when they attack you, aim at the opponent with LT and when they get close press "X" and move the left joystick right or left and back to avoid it. Finally, remember that you can easily save your game. Or on PS4, Xbox and PC.

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