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    How to download and install Minecraft PE «Pocket Edition» in Spanish?

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    Minecraft PE is a version of the past, also developed by Mojang Studios and characterized by being the predecessor of the Minecraft Bedrock version. Later, it was updated for non-mobile platforms, but under different names.

    Old but popular version - download and install Minecraft PE in Spanish

    Minecraft continues to please the general public and every now and then it gets better. Only by seeing the number of downloads in applications such as Play Store or on its home page, do they attest to it.

    Obviously, download and install Minecraft PE  in Spanish not as frequent a feat as downloading the PC version; however, they had their heyday.

    Steps for download and installation

    If you've ever downloaded Minecraft for PC or you've just heard of someone doing it correctly, you'll realize this process isn't too far off, as the steps are nearly identical.

    For this you must have a Smartphone compatible with this version of Minecraft, which although it is obsolete, however, it takes up a good amount of memory space. So we need to make sure we meet the minimum requirements for Minecraft.

    As a first step, you need to search for the game launcher to download. Once inside the page you will have to look for the pocket edition option, which would be the mobile version of Minecraft, Android or iOS. After choosing your mobile application store, you need to purchase the game to enjoy all the benefits of Minecraft and then download it to install and play.

    Then a

    You must log in by entering your Microsoft account data, once the data has been validated you will be ready to create rooms and spend hours of fun with your friends.


    Finally, we hope it helped you, you will just have to start playing, you can also find out how to optimize and improve performance in Minecraft, in this way you will have an optimal game. Having the game already installed you can also choose to play in multiplayer or with two or more people, in order to enjoy all that the title has to offer.

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