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    How to download and install Overwatch free for PC. Easy!

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    Nowadays, there are many games that are in fashion, one of them is Overwatch, young and old want to play it and stay looking for a way to do it share free time with their friends. That is why they are looking for a platform where it can be downloaded for free, so that they don't have to ask parents to buy this game or, in the case of the older ones, save some money.

    It is also meant to be easy to download; so that all ages have access to this fun game. Here's why in this article we will teach you,   in addition to downloading the game, how and where to buy Overwatch with the best offers on the market.

    What requirements do I need to have to install Overwatch?

    Overwatch is an action video game, team roles and missions, has excellent graphics, maps and on special occasions exclusive content for the party of the year appears. Therefore, since it is so comprehensive, several aspects need to be taken into consideration before downloading it, to be able to fully enjoy it.

    We must have a minimum Windows 7 operating system, Windows 8, for Windows 10 (64 bit) we must have the updated Service Pack, the processor must be: Intel core i3, inter Core i5 or ADM Phenom II X3 at 2, 8 RAM is required GHZ, 4GB or 6GB.

    You must have a graphics card, it is important that the game looks its best, it is recommended that it be NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460, AMD Radeon HD 7950 or better.

    Our hard drive must have a minimum of 30GB for the game to be installed, as it is a multiplayer game to be able to share it with our friends we must have broadband internet. Now, if you are interested in more details on overwacht specs, you should check out the article we did recently on this.

    How to download Overwatch for free?

    The game is NOT free; however, it is possible to access it at a lower cost. The first thing is to create an account on Blizzard and check if there is a discount per season. For this you will only need an email and your basic contact information. So we have to download the Blizzard client, this is done in the account management, we click on games and codes, we look for Overwatch and we give it to download.

    At the end of the download it will appear on the desktop to install it, you have to enter your user email and password, then they will ask you for a code that they sent you to their email. When you place it, the so-called will open game client, you will see that the game says you need to buy it but don't panic, here is the solution.

    You have to leave the game client open, it is important as only then will the following work for you. You will go to the installation which will appear on your desktop, right click and go to "open file location". When you enter that folder you need to press the key SHIFT and click the key right mouse button "Open command window" will appear.

    When you click, a window will appear where you should enter this code « –game = prometheus –install ". As written without omitting any spaces or characters. Once placed, they give enter and the game client will automatically reopen and they will see the download option come out.

    We hope we were able to help you get this game cheaper , as many gamers have doubts about how to download these trendy games easily and for free, including Overwatch-like games, if it was helpful you can let us know, share it with your friends and everyone to play.

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