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    How to download Cuisine Royale for free for PC, PS4 and Xbox in Spanish, latest version?

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    Cuisine Royale is one of the games that have given more to talk about lately, this is a Battle Royale similar to PUGB, the reason for its popularity is that it is not only available for this generation but will improve its graphics for the next one and move on to the same. That's why today you will see How to download Cuisine Royale?

    And it wouldn't be crazy to say that this game will likely rise to the throne of games like PUGB or Fortnite at some point, because the its graphics and gameplay are so good to make anyone pale. That's why this guide was created, which will show you how to get it before anyone else.

    How to download Cucina Reale?

    Going straight to your point of interest, the first thing to consider when downloading Cuisine Royale is that this game is completely free for any device, so you won't have to spend money (at least to download it).

    If this is clear to you, then the first steps you will see to download the game will be for PC. What you need to do is the following:

    Go to your favorite browser and enter the official Cuisine Royale page, as the game is free right there you will see a button called «Download», press it and immediately the game will start downloading (if you meet the requirements it requires for).

    Once installed you can play it without any problem. At the same time can also download the free version from Steam, there's really no noticeable difference to the original version, but with Steam you can tweak a lot more options (e.g. you can increase the download speed from Steam to get updates faster).

    How to download the game for Xbox?

    Now that you know how to download Cuisine Royale for PC, it's time for you to see how this procedure is done on the Microsoft console. To start you must go to the console Store.

    When you are already in it, look for the free games section that appears in the ribbon of the main menu and there look for the title, or failing that, to go faster, press the magnifying glass «Search».

    After pressing the magnifying glass, enter the name of the game, this will cause Xbox to automatically search for it from its records and show you its personal section, press it and when you are inside press the green button called "Download".

    And voila, it's that easy to download the game and you can start it whenever you want. It should be noted that the good thing about having it on the console is that updates will be downloaded automatically when they are available.

    Download the game on PS4

    To finish with this guide on how to download Cuisine Royale for free, it's time to show you how to get the game on Sony console. To do this, go as in the Xbox in the PS4 personal shop.

    Within it, press the «Search» button at the top of the menu. This action will redirect you to a menu where you can search for games by name, enter Kitchen.

    When the game comes out, press it and, being in its section, press the button under the screen called "Download" e that's it, you'll be done with that and the title should be downloaded shortly (depending on the internet).

    Now if this guide is over, so you have nothing else to do here, it's time for you to go and get your game, and if that doesn't convince you, you can always go back and look for other guides like: ¿What are the best Battle games Royale for Roblox?

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