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    How to download the latest version of Coin Master for free - Windows and MAC

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    During the period in which the quarantine was in effect between the end of 2.019 and what has elapsed in 2.021, the demand for home entertainment games has increased. This is the case with Coin Master, which is a game based on building villages, for this you have to collect coins that you can exchange for prizes to carry out your construction.

    What makes this game more interesting is that you can attack neighboring villages and steal resources from them to the point of annexing them as your own territory.

    However, you should keep in mind that the same way you can attack other villages, they can attack yours. Now, to enjoy this content, you need to download the game from the Google Play platform or the App Store for Android or iOS respectively, this means that the game it is not developed to be played on Windows or Mac. In this sense, we will show you how to download and install Coin Master on Windows and Mac.

    Do I need to install an emulator to have Coin Master on my PC?

    We have a couple of reasons why it is necessary to install an emulator on the PC in order for our experience with the game to be satisfactory for us users. One of them is that the game it is primarily designed for mobile devices via app, as opposed to some separate details that occur during the live game experience. 

    Therefore we will have an alternative for our computer in case we want to download any game that is inside the Play Store.

    What is the best emulation option for my PC?

    In the world of Android emulators there is a great variety to choose from according to our needs and tastes. Some of them like MEmu, KOPlayer or Nox are among the most popular in terms of downloads and some are dedicated to video games.

    However, due to its greater compatibility with most applications, there are no Bluestacks-level applications yet.


    Mostly recommended in networks, Bluestacks offers a broad sense compatibility compared to other emulators. It also works well in most video games.

    Procedure to install Coin Master

    Before starting the download and installation phases of the Coin Master game on your PC with Windows or Mac operating system, you need to download and install an Android emulator for Windows in case your PC has this operating system.

    If your PC has a Mac operating system, then you should download and install an Android emulator for Mac. Generally, the most used emulator known for its versatility and great compatibility is Bluestacks. Now we will tell you how to proceed for download and install the Coin Master game:

    On Windows

    Assuming you have already downloaded and installed Bluestacks PC Android Emulator, keep applying the following steps. If not, you will need to install the emulator. Launch the emulator app on your PC, i.e. open Bluestacks and wait for the process to start

    Go to the tab Google Play Store and click on it. In the search field, enter "Coin Master" and click on the "Install" option. Wait for the download and installation of the content to complete. Take advantage of the option to connect to your Facebook account so that you can enjoy the game on any device without losing your progress.

    Once these steps are completed, you will be able to enjoy your game and join the broad community that constitutes this interesting challenge which you will accept once you start building your village.

    your MAC

    We open Bluestacks on the computer and go to the installed applications option where we will find the 'apk' option by choosing and installing it to start enjoying the experience that the game offers to everyone.

    How to configure the emulator with Coin Master on my computer

    Being ready to play, we put the "previously recommended" emulation app into action on the PC and wait for the process to begin. We look in the tab Google Play Store the 'Coin Master' option, installing it to start enjoying the game which will start with a small construction of a village and then be delivered to an entire community.

    Alternative to download and install Coin Master on your PC

    As an alternative to installing Coin Master Game on your PC, you can download the apk and save the file in a folder on your PC to proceed when installing the apk as follows:

    • Open your emulator Bluestacks on your PC with Windows or Mac OS
    • In the "Installed Applications" option, click on «Install APK»
    • Browse the file browser e go to the folder where you saved the file.apk you downloaded from the official site.
    • Choose the file e press Install
    • Wait for the app to install and start enjoying the game

    As you have seen, we show you two ways to download and install the Coin Master game on your PC regardless of whether the operating system you have is Windows or Mac. Furthermore, the processes are quite simple and fast, so you can enjoy good entertainment without spending a lot of time downloading and installing.

    Finally, if you want to play other Coin Master-like apps, try downloading and installing the Clash of Clans app where similarly you will have to build and defend your village from any attacks of enemy villages. Do not wait any longer and enter the world of entertainment.

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