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    How to easily see pieces or spawn pieces in Minecraft

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    What are spawn pieces and pieces?

    There are many technical details of the Games that the average gamer doesn't know, only those who have really done their research on the subject. And in the case of Minecraft, there are no exceptions, as a very interesting and little-known aspect of the game is the pieces. Knowing their location will help you a lot in the game, but what are the pieces?

    Well, when we talk about in-game blocks, we mean a 16x256x16 block area. Like most aspects of the worlds we create, these are created automatically when you start a new world.

    Knowing where the pieces are allows us to be much better positioned in the world, as well as being more accurate during construction. For this you can also help yourself by learning to read a map or by building it yourself.

    Thanks to the developers of the game, we also have spawn pieces. These variations are those 12 × 12 block spaces, in other words, about 144 normal blocks. The peculiarity of these is that, as the name implies, they contain our original spawn point and are always loaded while you are in the overworld.

    Of course, this will no longer be the case if we have a secret bed or bed in another place or establish another spawn point with the help of commands. If you want to know how to find them and see them clearly, keep reading this article to see how easy it is to get them.

    How to see the pieces?

    Due to their usefulness within the game, the Minecraft developers allow players to easily visualize the blocks. A few are enough simple steps to do it. First of all, you need to make sure you install Minecraft 1.10 or later. With this in mind, all you need to do is:

    • Enter the world where you want to find the pieces.
    • Look for the F3 and G keys on the keyboard, Alt + F3 + G if you are playing from a laptop.
    • Press them all at the same time.

    That's all! After pressing all these keys at the same time, you will be in degree of clearly see the lines dividing the pieces in the world of Minecraft. Now, if what you want is to see the splitting of the spawn blocks, read the steps we will give you below.

    How to see the spawn blocks?

    Typically, the center of the spawn blocks is where we first spawned, so it can be very helpful to know. Indeed, it is very easy to make it, as the steps you need to follow are:

    • Go to the world where you want to find the spawn piece.
    • Copy the seed and jump.
    • Create a new world with the same seed.
    • Locate where you were generated by looking at the coordinates of that place and save them.

    The coordinates you saved are the same as the spawn piece of your world. Of course, even though it's really simple doing this, you can help you with spawn block readers available online for free.

    If you have the coordinates of the spawn blocks of the worlds you create in Minecraft, this will be a big step forward to become a prominent player.

    We hope all this information can be you di great utility and that you can follow all the steps to the letter. We encourage you to continue learning more about your Minecraft worlds and to become the best player you can be.

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