How to find all weapons in Resident Evil 7

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Resident Evil 7 it distances itself a lot from previous titles, offering much more survival gameplay. Despite this, however, the weapons that you can find are many and very powerful.

Follow our guide to get them all.

Melee weapons

  • Ax: The very first weapon you will get your paws on. You will inevitably find it throughout history.
  • Foldaway knife: It will be given to you by a policeman during a history event.
  • Survival knife: You will find it in the wreck of the ship, on the second floor outside the elevator.

  • Crowbar: It is not really a weapon but a useful tool for a single objective. You'll get it on your own as soon as you regain control of Ethan on the wreck. It will disappear as soon as you use it.
  • Chainsaw: This is also a special weapon. You can only use and obtain it during a boss fight.


  • M19: You will find this weapon on two occasions. First at the start of the game, but soon you will lose it. The second time you can have it permanently. To find the M19 in the courtyard of the main house, unfortunately you will need a kit to repair it since it will be broken. You will find the kit on the second floor of the Test Area next to a puppet with a bobbing head.
  • G17: You can't not pick it up. Once dead, the policeman who gave you the knife will drop it.
  • MPM: In the wreck of the ship during the gameplay phase with Nia. You can't skip it.
  • 44 Magnum: Once you go out the door with the three dog heads enter the caravan, you will find the gun locked in a cage. To open it, put 9 ancient coins inside the cage.

  • Albert-01: You will get it on the finish. Once obtained, however, you will find it in the inventory at each new game.


  • M37: In the great hall of the main house you will find a small room with a statue inside holding a gun. Taking the shotgun the door will close and you will not be able to get out, putting it back in its place will reopen the door. You have two options for getting the shotgun:
  1. Get the scorpion key from one of the cages in the main hall. Go up the stairs to the recreation area and open the scorpion door. Inside you will find a broken rifle. Replace it with the one on the statue and that's it.
  2. If you don't want to use the coins to get the scorpion key you will find a replica of the shotgun further ahead: to be precise, before the boss fight with the chainsaws against Jack. Use this replica on the statue.
  • M21: If by any chance you decide to use the repair kit (see m19) on the broken M23 you will get the M21.


  • P19: You will find it on the fourth floor of the wreck, in the captain's room. It will be locked in a lockable box. To find the key, go to the second floor in the Bunk Room.
    By completing the gameplay stages with Mia you will gain access to all the weapons she will get with Ethan too.

Special weapons

  • Launchers: Located in the main house in the supply room, behind a door that opens with the cross key.

  • Flamethrower: To get it you will have to join the two pieces: The first is on the veranda next to the old house, while the second is always in the old house after the enigma of the lights.

  • Remote Bomb: You will find this bomb while playing with Mia. You can't skip it.


Congratulations, you have now obtained all the weapons of Resident Evil 7. Now, however, do not go to the rambo of the situation or it will certainly not end well.

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