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    How to find and tame an Enderman in Minecraft? Is there a white Enderman?

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    How to tame an Enderman in Minecraft?

    To achieve this taming you will need a few things, firstly, a name tag or a name tag, which will allow you to keep the Enderman. Be prepared with a sword in case taming doesn't work properly, hold on be aware that the Enderman may attack you in the process.

    Well now you just need to get an Enderman, the best thing about these creatures is that they can appear in any dimension so it won't be that hard to find them. To tame an Enderman in Minecraft you need to be very agile, the first thing you should do is look at it from the front, although this usually makes them annoying, there is a catch.

    If you stare at the Enderman, without stopping, he will not be able to attack you, you must keep your gaze fixed on his face, not remove it. You will have to wait for the Enderman to stop being annoying, once he has calmed down, you can place the tag on him, after which the monster will follow you everywhere.

    You should know that there is a small detail, these creatures can not have forever like other pets, as soon as they come into contact with water they will die.

    Is it really worth taming an Enderman in Minecraft?

    Unless you want to have some fun with an Enderman running after you, without him hurting you, this is a taming that it doesn't have many features. Really the most interesting thing about this skill is the ability to beat the Enderman without too much risk or to stop him from hurting us at a critical moment.

    You must be very careful when doing this activity, remember that unlike other animals, this creature can hurt you if you stop seeing it. Also, it's not interesting that this creature just follows you, it doesn't give you any abilities nor can you use it to carry a cube or something.

    On the other hand, be careful not to try to do this taming in one site with several Endermans, this only paralyzes one, the others can still attack you.

    How true is the story of the white Enderman?

    There are many versions of this mythical Minecraft creature, which at one point really existed, but Does the white Enderman currently exist? How interesting it would be to tame an Enderman in Minecraft, even more so if it were white, but the truth is another and perhaps a little disappointing.

    Many experienced players and some members of the Minecraft staff confirmed that in a beta version of an update there was that white Enderman. The popularity of this Enderman was created thanks to the comments that emerged around his brief appearance in that beta version of the game.

    About which many things were said, that he was a creature of horror, that he was invincible, that he was really scary with his sounds and much more, but nothing concrete. Although many people showed «prove» of its existence in other versions of the game, it was confirmed that it actually only existed in that version.

    Later, thanks to the creature's popularity, the game's art team was able to confirm that there never is state a white Enderman. This could be observed in some areas of the game due to an error in the lights in that area, which made it look like the color that made it so popular.

    Perhaps at some point and with the new updates, this Enderman is expected to appear as a greater challenge in some remote space of the End dimension.

    If you are a calmer and less adventurous person, don't worry that Minecraft also has normal animals like chickens, cats and dogs to tame, you will also find more exotic animals like horses, llamas and parrots.

    In Minecraft you can get a large number of creatures and animals, such as Herobine and Wither, these are some of the main characters of the game.

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