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    How to find iron in Minecraft for tools and armor

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    All these are tools that are needed to be able to tell the story of the game well, and many video games know how to use them perfectly. However, there are games where the story is not the protagonist, or at least it is not in the foreground due to how the story of the game is told.

    This happens with puzzle or strategy games like Hearthstone, Tetris, Age of Empires and other. But there are some games that know how to combine all these tools in such a way as to bring out all the possible creativity of the player, just like Minecraft does.

    This game, which has often been cataloged as one of the most popular of the last decade, is a game that forces the player to explore, face a world and be able to enter it using all the tools that are presented to him. game is that you can play with friends thanks to a shared world.

    When you start playing Minecraft, you must first use wood to create digging and defense tools and even a house, but these materials for the instruments they can change enormously. And the second strongest and most useful material is probably iron, which isn't that hard to find and use if you know how.

    But since Minecraft doesn't feature the best tutorial in circulation, below we will talk about everything you need to know about iron, so that you can use it as you see fit.

    Where to find iron?

    As we told you before, there are all kinds of materials that can be used to make tools and these tools need to be made from the best materials whenever possible as we can be a little underwhelmed when it comes to fighting or defending against. aggressive mob. Regarding this point, it is important that you know what the main characters of Minecraft are.

    They are also useful for making tools with specific uses, because if you want to find diamonds, you will have to make an iron pickaxe to extract them. But fortunately the iron it's not too hard to find on any map.

    In fact, iron is found since level zero elevation, which makes them very accessible for anyone who needs them. But, in case you don't know how to use the coordinates of Minecraft, we can tell you that if you enter any cave and go down just a little you will be able to find iron veins in a short time.

    These can be easily recognized as stone blocks that feature small spots opaque brown / yellow. Using a stone pick you will be able to remove all the iron so that it can be used quickly after cooking it in the oven.

    How to use the iron?

    When you've finally gotten your first iron from a nearby cave, you may realize that you can't use iron like this in its natural state. In order to use it, you will have to make ingots out of it, and for this you have to bake it in the oven.

    This, you can do by placing a block of Stone on each of the outer lines of the work table forming a square. When you have the oven, put it where you want and light the fire by putting wood or charcoal in the lower pane of the oven after interacting with it.

    So put the raw iron on it and wait for it bake ingot by ingot until you get all the material you want. Later, you can start using iron ingots to craft armor, weapons, and other steel tools to work more effectively in your businesses.

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