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    How to find oceans and ocean temples in Minecraft

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    What is an ocean in Minecraft?

    As in the real world, in Minecraft an ocean is a large expanse of water that it occupies since sea ​​level to the seabed. In Minecraft, the sea level is 63 blocks of altitude. If you didn't know, it is very easy to know at what altitude you are looking at the layer you are in.

    The seabed is very varied, with hills and valleys, as well as caves and algae forests. On average, the seabed is 45 blocks high, according to the Minecraft Encyclopedia.

    Oceans are easy to find and they occupy a quarter of the entire world of Minecraft. In addition, the ocean is the Minecraft biome that contains the largest number of structures, as ruined cities and sunken ships spawn in it far more than villages or other structures found on land.

    Underwater temples

    If you've come to this article, chances are you want to know more about underwater temples. To do this, you must first know that there are different types of ocean. The normal ocean is about 18 blocks high and spawns kelp forests, ruined cities, and sunken ships. There are also fish, dolphins and drowned people.

    Underwater temples only appear in an ocean variant called «Deep Ocean». These oceans are more than 30 blocks high and can sometimes have caves filled with lava.

    Note: in this article we use the term "underwater temples", but they are also called «Monuments submarines ",  "Ocean temples" o "Oceanic monuments".

    How to find underwater oceans and temples

    Finding an ocean is very easy, if you walk in one direction it is guaranteed that sooner or later you will find it. The real question is how to find deep oceans, which is where underwater temples spawn.


    Oceans are very common, so exploring to find an ocean shouldn't be too difficult. If you are using the Java version, you can see the biome you are in by pressing the «F3» button (this activates the menu in debug).

    If you find an ocean, pay attention to the debug menu. The ocean ID is "ocean" and the deep ocean ID is "deep_ocean". While you're at it, pay attention to the bottom of the sea, try to explore all the sunken ships you see. And if you are in the deep ocean, pay attention until you see a Temple.

    Find the oceans using tricks

    Exploration can take some time and you can make it easier by using commands. The "/ locatebiome" command allows you to locate any biome; If you enter the command "/ locatebiome ocean" or "/ locatebiome deep_ocean" the game will indicate the position of the ocean and the deep ocean respectively.

    This command tells you the position of the ocean in coordinates. You can see your current coordinates in the debug menu. To transfer, you can travel, or you can use the "/tp" command to teleport you. If the commands fail, it is possible that your world does not have cheats enabled or that the world administrator has not granted you the permissions.

    An external application

    There are external applications that allow you to find biomes by entering the world seed and we recommend that you use the best seeds for this. In this article, we recommend ChunkBase. Simply enter the seed of your world and select the biome you want to find.

    In "X" and "Z" you enter the coordinates where you are, where your house is or at a landmark that you know where it is, and from there you can navigate until you find a desert. You can zoom in or out to find the desert closest to your location.

    If you don't know the seed of your world, you can find out using the "/ seed" command; You can use this command even if the cheats are disabled or you don't have admin permission.

    Find oceans and temples using treasure maps

    The funniest way to get underwater temples is to read a treasure map. These maps can only be obtained by purchasing them from cartographic villagers.

    If we want you to take anything from this article you just read, it is for you that you always enjoy looking for adventures in every biome you are in. Each biome has its own adventures to offer you!

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