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    How to get many black or white pearls in ARK: Survival Evolved Where are they located?

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    What is ARK: Survival Evolved and what does it consist of?

    ARK: Survival Evolved is one of the games interesting and fun of today. It was developed in 2015 by several virtual game companies and has since gone viral for the entertainment it offers.

    Consists in the art of survival and this includes many activities that can be done from a first and third person angle. It is about finding a way not to be preceded or killed by natural phenomena, dinosaur attacks and opponents who are other users.

    You have to resort to any natural object and device who is on the road, seeking him or not, to achieve the task of surviving in the face of all the adversities that arise and all the setbacks that arise from the opponents of the game.

    With the materials that are obtained you can making tools and weapons to be used along the route; making tools that can be used for swimming, tools that allow you to perform a certain type of activity in the best possible way; weapons to defend themselves; of everything and more, with specific recipes that you must learn if you want to survive and level up constantly.

    What are black or white pearls in ARK: Survival Evolved and what are they for?

    Among the materials or raw materials you can use for make or manufacture certain tools that you can use in your way to survive, there are the game's famous black pearls and white pearls, which turn out to be an essential requirement in the production of the immense variety of items and tools that the player must produce.

    These pearls, as you can imagine, are very necessary resources that you can obtain in the game environment and are found in different niches or habitats. They seem balls or balls and there are two types: white and black pearls.

    Pearls play a very important role in mastering the technique within the game. They are used for the construction of multiple things, all various, and for this, recipes are used which are steps and materials, in addition to pearls, which you need to use for the elaboration of a certain weapon or tool, such as swimming fins or a fishing rod to fish.

    Pearls have a distinctive constitution, and these are elements of matter that abound in certain types of habitats. In the case of white pearls it can be said that their composition it is based on silica. It should be noted that the resources are used to produce silicon plates that will serve the production of all possible things to build with them.

    How to get lots of black or white pearls playing ARK: Survival Evolved?

    As mentioned above, this type of resource within the game is obtained in various environments, both in specific habitats and in the surrounding environment where it passed through during survival.

    A common means by which it is possible to obtain black or white pearls while playing ARK: Survival Evolved is the slaughter of certain creatures that may appear during the game. These creatures are generally dinosaurs, and their various types, or ancient insect species which, like dinosaurs, are now extinct.

    An example of these sources of pearls is seen by killing, for example, the trilobites, which are found along the road; the ammonites present in coastal environments ; euripteridia lurking; and in the product of other activities that can be carried out such as fishing, through the use of the previously made fishing rod. You will find these and many other sources for obtaining these precious pearls.

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