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    How to get or grow organic polymers in ARK: Survival Evolved Quick and easy!

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    It is a triple A title, and is available for several platforms and ARK Survival Evolved is downloadable on the latest generation Android, iPhone, PS4 / 5, Switch and Xbox.

    The game is also available for PC and has some minimum requirements for installing and running the game.

    It is a hyper-realistic game, which effectively simulates aspects of bodily, environmental and technological needs. In this game, the character experiences hunger, thirst, cold, heat, etc. This is because the player is tired of the simplistic aspects of other games like Minecraft or Don't Starve, and usually comes from more realistic games like Rust, the latter being free to download.

    The Moschops (image) is a dinosaur that appears near the banks of rivers, this animal is of great help when it comes to breeding organic polymers. It looks like a Komodo dragon but is twice the size.

    You can also see that it has some variations and in the image you can see 2 of them, which are gray and orange. These animals they can be trained and level up, in order to have more life points and more advantages in the objective of the game.

    Ark: Survival Evolved is a game that has many experiences. Among them, the player has different aspects such as other players' villages and even other maps, these come as DLC (Downloadable Content) which can be paid or free. Here you can see the best free map for the game.

    Farm Organic Polymer in ARK Survival Evolved Without Pets

    It must be said that the natural polymer is created only by the Kairuku, which are the in-game equivalents of penguins. In the "solo" method , the player needs an animal to be able to transport himself from his home to the frozen area and, subsequently, from the mainland to one of the icebergs that are there.

    Once there, the player can kill the Kairuku and the  organic polymer can be extracted from their remains. It should be emphasized that older penguins give a low amount, middle aged penguins a normal amount, and newborns give a lot. This greatly affects when penguins attack.

    Use a pet

    The method with a pet yes reveals much more useful because when it comes to devouring one's victims, they present a bonus granted by the game, this allows the player to get much more polymer and the process to be more profitable.

    First of all, the player must have a flying dinosaur capable of carry both the player and the animal  in the frozen area and from there to the icebergs.

    You can use wolves, saber-toothed tigers and a Moschop, which is the best of the 3. To tame a Moschop, you need to go to the swamps on the map. It is easy to recognize. For tame it passively, you have to give it Majoberry's. These are obtained in the bushes on the banks of water bodies.

    In the present, an Argentavis is used to transport the player and the other animal into the frozen territory. Once there, you can land directly on the Iceberg and order the Moschops to eat Kairuku. This gives a gain of around 25 organic polymer units per attack, but when you right-click this number is doubled and even tripled.

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