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    How to get out of PS4 Safe Mode without errors and without losing stored data?

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    The PS4 is the best console of this generation that is about to come out, because has many games and features that outperform its competitors like the feature that lets you edit videos with ShareFactory, however, it's not error-free, and with that in mind today you'll see How to get out of PS4 Safe Mode without errors?

    The safe mode of a console is the same as a PC, a security system that is activated when an error occurs. This mode alone has nothing wrong with it, the problem arises when the so-called "infinite loop" is created which does not allow you to exit safe mode.

    If you are one of those suffering from this problem then you are in the right place, because the solutions you will see today are the best recommended from the official PlayStation page.

    How to get out of safe mode on PS4 without error?

    Now, to get straight to the point and quickly learn how to get out of Safe Mode on PS4 without errors, the first thing you need to keep in mind is that there are several solutions to your problem, so for the purposes of this tutorial I will split each of them.

    Solution number one is to restart the console. It may seem like something very simple, but this is it one of the most effective solutions that you can take to put an end to your problem.

    The steps to follow are the same as when restarting the PS4 normally, i.e. you need to press the action button on the control (the X) and tap the call option "Restart PS4".

    This way your problem should be solved. It should be noted that it is not possible for any reason to restart the console from the power button of the same, because that will either just continue the cycle or just won't turn off the mode.

    In turn, in case, being in safe mode, your control is not recognized, you will have to connect it directly to the USB to be able to perform this recovery action.

    Rebuild the PS4 database!

    You already know the most feasible process to get out of PS4 Safe Mode without errors, however there are still other things you can do to get out without risking your PS4, one of them is with database rebuilding.

    Do this process as follows: in the Safe Mode menu, hit the fifth option called "Rebuild the ps4 database", with this, the PS4 will go into a scanning process, which takes a long time depending on how much data you have stored.

    Once the scan is finished, which does nothing but repair the damaged data, the console will restart and again you will be able to use it in a normal way because you open Safe Mode with absolute success.

    Try to make backup copies to avoid any inconvenience or loss of game data, it is always good advice.

    Reconnect the console cables

    With what you have read the problem should be solved. But if that's not the case in your case, there is still something else you can try to get out of PS4 Safe Mode without error, and that would be reconnecting the cables.

    It may sound funny, but sometimes it can form a loop or it can give you a mistake, the fact that a cable makes a false contact, so a feasible solution is to reconnect. To achieve this, first turn off the PS4.

    Then unplug all cables, wait 20 minutes, and plug them back in in this order: power cord, HDMI and all USB. Then restart your PS4 when you turn it on and that's it.

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