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    How to get rachas points in Call of Duty Multiplayer: Mobile

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    As in Battle Royale, in Call of Duty: Mobile multiplayer it is very difficult to get series of points, as this is equivalent to taking many kills, assists and not dying in games, and these are not the things that not any player can do. However, there are some tips that can be very helpful in earning a lot of points and getting rewards.

    Here are the things you should keep in mind to have a better chance of scoring consecutive streaks in multiplayer matches.

    Use offensive perks

    Call of Duty: Mobile - Benefits

    First of all, you need to be clear about what benefits you will use, it is better to choose the ones that can be very useful towards. There is a large variety that is divided into red, green and blue, each of which gives different characteristics.

    Equip yourself with an operator skill that you know how to use

    Call of Duty: Mobile - Series of points

    All operator skills are useful, but in order to score streaks, you must first select one capable of eliminate different enemies and that you also know how to use it to make it effective, since there is no point in having something to do. There are some that are very well suited to the offensive fighting style you are looking for, you just have to know which one benefits you the most.

    Use consecutive skills that can take out multiple enemies

    Call of Duty: Mobile - Operator Skill

    While each of the points-streak abilities are helpful to players, there are a few that are better for being able to get a lot of kills, such as the following:

    • UAV: great for locating enemies and being able to eliminate more of them than other players.
    • Stealth Helicopter: you place it on an area and it is responsible for killing all opponents that cross the area.
    • Sentry Turret: place it in a place where many enemies pass and he will take care of the rest.
    • Cluster Attack: you distribute it over an area and instantly take out the enemies that pass through the place.
    • Torretta SAM: it works like the sentry turret, but with missiles.

    Use trap mines or sticky bombs

    Call of Duty: Mobile - Mine Trap

    Some players don't appreciate how much can help explosive bombs and they are actually a useful resource if you learn how to use them. It is best to use Trap Mine and place it in places where enemies often pass frequently. On the other hand, Sticky Bombs are also very effective, you just have to throw them in places or even on the body of the enemies so that they stick together and explode with them.

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