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    How to Get Scholarship in Axie Infinity - Play for Free and Earn Money

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    To to enter the game you have to buy three creatures or axies, which implies a high cost for those of us who don't have that amount, however, there is a way to get into this Axie Infinity game without investing.

    What is an Axie Infinity Scholarship?

    A scholarship in Axie Infinity means that you will be able to play without having to give the initial investment that the game requires, which would be around $ 600 per person and a total of $ 1800, because there are three that are required to play. This initial investment is very high and not for everyone, in these cases the scholarship would be the perfect option to play for free.

    Through the scholarship, another player rents his Axies to you, so you can earn SLP without investing. This they can do, give up their Axies, as there are those who raise their Axies to give out scholarships, so more people will join the game and it's something for them, because the game will be better known. They help you play without paying and so you can start get a percentage of profit and they too will have their share.

    This is how scholarships work, let's say you are the winner of a scholarship for Axie Infinity, the holder of the scholarship or the Axies assigns you an account they own and the three Axies you will play with, from then on you will be able to play, be it adventure, in the arena and start generating SLP, that's where the profits will come.

    Those SLPs you have acquired will remain in the account assigned to you, and according to the agreement that both of them have established, the profits will be distributed. The scholarships reach their limit and when the time expires the characters and account are returned to the holder and these can be given to other users participating in the scholarship program for Axie Infinity. But in that moment, the safest thing is that you made a good profit by investing again, but this time it will be your account. If you are awarded a scholarship from Axie Infinity make sure you win as many games as possible.

    Does it cost to have a scholarship?

    Scholarships are good options for those who don't have the money to start, they are free, but a number of requirements must be met. One of them, and I would say the main one, is that you cannot have two accounts on the same device, if you do, you run the risk of your account being blocked and both your Axies and those you obtained through the scholarship will be blocked.

    And this leads to you as a result, being removed from the Axie Infinity scholarship program and if you have eligible SLP you won't get anything, so make sure you don't ignore this requirement.

    What is the best place to get free scholarships?

    If you are looking for Axie Infinity Scholarships on the web, you will see that there are many sites that offer you this option. If you want to opt for an Axie Infinity scholarship, it is vital that you take into account that you have to look for people with a good reputation, because agreements are not legal documents that will oblige the other person to do their part, and like us analyze, remain in their hands.

    Analyze if what they offer you for profit is really adequate for what you intend to invest, in your case it would be time, effort and preparation to obtain the SLP. But there is the other side of the coin, if the profit margin is too good to be true, it is most likely a sign that something is wrong. Therefore be wise when looking for sites that offer free scholarships.

    Games where you can win money are therefore on the agenda, games like those of Axie Infinity are emerging that reward their players with cryptocurrencies, all that remains is to search and start the adventure.

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