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    How to get free lives in Candy Crush and how can I send lives to friends?

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    E this is one of the few mobile games that has transcended time, while never ceasing to be one of the most played, so it was obvious that at some point someone would come up with a trick to eliminate the limitation of life and be able to enjoy the title without problems.

    How to get free lives in Candy Crush?

    Now, to get straight to the point and learn as soon as possible how to get free lives in Candy Crush, first you need to make sure you download and update the game, because without it you won't do anything (much less with an old version).

    Once you have the final version (it's in the PlayStore for free), it's time to perform the trick that will allow you to have many lives and pass them on to your friends. For the purposes of this tutorial, the explanation will be split in two, so the first explanation you'll see today is how to have infinite lives.

    To achieve this, you don't need to download any hacks, just perform a trick completely legal. It consists of changing the time of your mobile, to make the game believe that you have already spent the indicated time waiting for a lifetime (20 minutes).

    Doing this is not difficult, you just have to go to "Settings" on your mobile, then in the clock section, inside it you have to change the time by the amount of minutes it takes for all your lives to be returned to you. And voila, with this you don't have to do anything else, simply bring the clock back to normal and change it whenever you need lives. The only drawback is that at some point the game will add up all the hours and give you an infinite waiting time for the next life, this can be solved by uninstalling and reinstalling.

    How to spend your life with your friends?

    Since you already know the trick that allows you to get free lives in Candy Crush (which you can complete by looking for how to improve the performance of mobile games), it's time for you to see how to be a good friend and pass lives to another. This can be achieved in two ways, from the mobile or from the PC. To do this from your mobile, you must first open the game as usual and press the button called «Play».

    Once you enter and are on the map, press the icon that looks like a gear, which would be "Settings" (is at the bottom of the screen). This action will bring up a drop-down menu, where you will then have to tap the red exit door icon, in order to return to the initial map view.

    In that other section, you have to choose the "Messages" option located in the upper right corner, there will be a drop down menu with all your friends. You need to check the box next to its name, then hit the button "Accept" at the bottom of the list, so you'll send someone a life.

    Post your life on Facebook!

    The process for sending a life to a friend is the same on the PC, you just have to go to Facebook and open the game and, once there, give the envelope icon that appears on the same screen, then you just have to press the pink heart button that appears next to your friend to send a life.

    And you're done with that, you know enough to say that you can get free lives in Candy Crush and give them away. Nothing more you can read can go, however, as the final recommendation should look what are the best games to play offline on android, so you have more candy options.

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