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    How to increase FPS in Fortnite to improve performance on low-resource PCs

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    Fortnite is one of these games, which since its release in 2017 has had resounding success. Reaching in less than a year more than 125 million players and hundreds of millions of dollars in Fortnite earnings.

    The video game is available mainly for piattaforme Windows, PlayStation 4, macOS e Xbox One in the corporate version Save the World. The free Battle Royale version, on the other hand, was released for the Nintendo Switch as well as for iOS and Android. And best of all, you can install Fortnite for Android and iOS without the Play Store or Apple Store.

    How to increase FPS in Fortnite to improve performance on PC with few resources?

    What is Fortnite? This fabulous game is basically a multiplayer game, where we can connect with other people and have fabulous adventures. In general, for Fortnite to work properly, it is necessary a high quality PC, as it has advanced graphics and you may first need to know how much Fortnite weighs and the requirements to be able to install it.

    If we play it on mid-range or low-end computers we can find several drawbacks. Eg, the graphics in the game don't look sharp and it can get a bit stuck while playing.

    For this reason, it can be frustrating for us not to be able to perform well in this video game. That is why we have prepared this article to learn how to increase frames per second in Fortnite to improve PC performance.

    Steps to increase the FPS on our PC

    It is very important that if we want our PC to run video games like Fortnite which require large capacity in a normal way. We need to know how improve the performance of our computers, for this we have to follow the steps mentioned below.

    Delete junk files

    The very necessary first step is delete junk files which are hidden in our PC, these files only take up space. To eliminate them we must first go to the Windows search engine and type % TEMP%, then we open the folder that appears.

    Once inside the folder we select all the files that are there (Ctrl + E), right click, select the option of elimination and we give permission. In case you see a file that cannot be deleted, select Salta.

    Empty basket

    We wait for them to be completely eliminated and once the process is finished we move on to the second step. It consists of emptying our recycle bin, as it stores files that we don't need.

    It is important to check that there are no files in the recycle bin that we want to recover. After checking we go trash can icon and right click on it, now we select the option Empty basket.

    Click on read more and we wait for the process to finish, if there is a file that cannot be deleted, we select Skip. Now we have to take a very important step.


    Andiamo Computer icon you find it on our desktop, in case of not finding it we search for it with the Windows search option. Let's right click on it and select the option Property.

    After it opens, we select the option Advanced equipment configuration / Advanced options  and Performances select Configuration. Now let's mark the third option Rule for better performance.

    Let's go down until we find the option Show thumbnail view instead of icons and select it. Let's go back to the upper options and this time we score Customize, click your Apply and then OK.

    For the last step, let's go to the desktop and right click, select the option Property graphic. After the page has loaded, we select the option 3D, let's go to the right side of the screen and mark the option Performance.

    Finally we return to the main page and select Screen, at the bottom of the screen we mark the option Full screen scale. Then we click Apply and we close everything.

    Ready, following each of the previous steps we will have improved the Frames per second and the performance of our PC.

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