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    How to create a non-steam Counter Strike 1.6 server to play online

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    This video game released in the 2000s has marked a generation thanks to the great quality it offered at the time. In addition to the possibility it offered us to be able to play with people from all over the world in multiplayer game mode and the tools to play with any specific friend or partner with dedicated servers.

    But exactly, what is Counter Strike 1.6? Next we will give a brief review of what this incredible title is. We will also consider the features and qualities it offers as a multiplayer shooter video game. Stay with us and find out all the details, data and information related to this game.

    What is Counter Strike 1.6?

    It is one of the games most acclaimed of all time. It is considered the leading shooter of many games today for everything it stood for back then. It also added a new way of playing to the standards of the player world as such. Counter Strike is estimated to have been very successful and raised large sums of money for its creative company.

    It consisted of a fairly simple menu section, but that was the last thing that mattered as the best was within the game as such. Before we started, we had a chance to make several interesting changes to the parts. Some of these are the accessibility to change the sight icon of our weapon and the possibility to choose the number of players.

    Another interesting option we had at our disposal was to be able to choose the number of innocents in each part or the amount of blood we wanted to see when taking out an enemy. This title consists of the classic 5 vs 5 game mode where you can choose from various styles such as plant the bomb, search for the flag or a duel to the death.

    Many major games today such as Call of Duty Warzone or Free Fire have their influences in this incredible title and it is no exception. Counter Strike is one of the most prominent online multiplayer shooters in the history of video games. Other acclaimed series that have followed in his footsteps include Valorant and Overwatch. Both games are fairly recent.

    How can I create a non-Steam Counter Strike 1.6 server to play online?

    This multiplayer shooter essentially consists of servers, so before we start a game we need to know how to configure our respective server to connect quickly and easily with our colleagues and friends without any hassle or inconvenience. We also need to have a good internet signal.

    It is important to keep in mind that this process it can only be run from a computer or laptop with Windows operating system. Having clarified this, stay and discover the steps you need to follow to create a non-steam Counter Strike 1.6 server to play online with our colleagues or friends.

    Our first step will be to log in to the "Dedicated server" section supplied with the original game. We will right-click and select the "Run as administrator" option to avoid any kind of error when we start playing.

    From here we will see some boxes that we will have to fill in. In the first line we will come out in "Counter Strike", we will give a name to the server, we will choose the map we want to use, the maximum number of people in the party and finally we will register a simple password.

    We will accept and our server will already be loaded. Now we will just have to share the IP address of our server with our friends or colleagues. They will search for it, log into the server, enter the password and that's it. We can play multiplayer without any problem.

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