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    How to kill the dragon in Minecraft and what happens when you kill the dragon

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    In this peculiar dimension of Minecraft, you can find the fearsome dragon. If you are a brave soul and you want to end it, don't worry at all, because today we explain how to reach it easily.

    How to kill the dragon in Minecraft?

    Since the beginning of our Minecraft adventure, we have faced dangers that threaten our progress in the game. Whether it is due to zombies, skeletons or other mobs attacking us on a daily basis, we are in a constant struggle to to survive and do it while having fun.

    But there is a creature that will give us a great battle if we dare to face it. We are talking about the dragon ender or dragon of the end, a great boss that must be defeated when entering the end. Said dragon is black with purple eyes as well as being the largest entity of the entire game, which makes it extremely easy to recognize.

    If your goal is to kill this beast while playing Minecraft, keep reading, because here we will show you practical tips to achieve it. Of course, you have to keep in mind that, in order to kill the dragon, you have to reach the end through a portal in Minecraft.

    What do you need to do to kill the dragon in Minecraft?

    The first thing to remember is that you need to have as much experience as possible to want to kill the biggest entity in the game. It is true that we can all make it happen, but it is also true that without experience this task will be really complicated.

    You also need to be sure you have all the necessary resources to reach the end and kill the dragon. You must have ender eyes to activate the portal to the end, in addition, have full and preferably enchanted armor. And of course, you must have weapons, especially a bow and many arrows or an arrow and a bow with the charm of infinity, and you must also make a diamond sword. Plus potions and golden apples to help you stay strong.

    Once you are completely ready, the first thing you should do when facing the dragon is destroy the terminal crystals found on the obsidian pillars. These crystals allow the dragon to heal himself, so you can never kill him if he continues to renew his life. He shoots these crystals and attacks the dragon with his sword while he is standing on the pillars.

    For the rest of the time, you can shoot as many arrows as you can, as this will work to end his life while he is flying. If you do all this correctly, we assure you that you will enjoy your victory very soon.

    What happens when you kill the dragon in Minecraft?

    You put a lot of effort trying to kill the dragon and you succeeded, but what is it now? Well, there is still a lot to do. When you finish with the dragon, you can collect the dragon breath you want, for which you will need to bring some glass bottles.

    You can also get the dragon egg, which you can have as a trophy, as well as a portal through which you can return to the normal world.

    But the best, without a doubt, are the islands of the end. When you kill the dragon, a portal will appear in the corner of the main island. Through which, with an ender pearl, you can reach a series of islands where you will find various structures, many treasures and, above all, the wings of the elytra.

    In summary, we can conclude that get to the end it's a great decision to advance in the game. Although it may seem difficult if we do not have much experience, we invite you to follow the advice we give you and kill the dragon without fear in Minecraft.

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