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    How to know if my Fortnite account has been banned or temporarily suspended

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    Maybe one day you decided to enter your Fortnite username from any computer or console and a serious message appears stating that the your account has been temporarily suspended.

    This popular game is forming a very large community of players, with more than one being surprised by a similar announcement while trying to log in.

    Unfortunately, these types of messages don't bring with them any positive aspects, as every user has the possibility of losing your account permanently and with it each of the perks, items and achievements he has achieved during his Fortnite experience.

    However, before you panic, we encourage you to continue reading this article to find out the possible reasons for this message and show you the likelihood of getting your account back.

    What should you do in case the system has blocked your Fortnite account?

    If that's the case for you, you can breathe a sigh of relief why not all is lost. Account lockouts are normally done by the game and the platform system, which is Epic Games.

    Generally this type of situation does check why unusual activity was found with the user you want to connect to, such as account merging or even unexpected and continuous access to it.

    In this case, both systems allow you to recover all the data of this user, through the section "I forgot my password", which is why it will be enough to restore a new one to return to enjoy this popular game.

    Have you been banished from Fortine? These are the possible causes

    When players talk about banning an account, they are referring to nothing other than bans, which can be temporary or permanent, implemented as a method of punishment.

    The type of expulsion that may have been carried out on your account it will directly depend on the severity of the action taken, so they generally indicate their reason next to the ad.

    Top reasons your user may be kicked out of Fortnite

    There are various ways to get banned from a game system, as there are a number of moderators on each platform that they will ensure the well-being of the community and the correct use of the vehicle, which in this case is Fortnite.

    Although the list can be very varied and extensive, in this article you will find the main reasons why users of "Battle Royale" and "Save the World" are banned.

    Try verifying the account without having an email

    While it may sound a bit silly, there are users who have tried to verify their Fortnite account without having their own email. This does not lead directly to a ban, but simply prevents account creation and use.

    Use of traps

    Whether you implement criminal tricks to receive updates and perks, connect via a VPN to receive perks from other regions, or try to get rid of a precedent prohibition, the moderators will use the permanent ban on your account.

    Misuse of the account

    The Fortnite system does not accept the sharing of accounts with other users, using low-level users when you already have gaming experience, intentional disconnection and absence in co-ops.

    Dishonorable attitudes

    Unfortunately, this is the most common group for expulsions from, as many players are visited by toxic, offensive and stalking personalities.

    Likewise, fraud by third parties, intentions of harm to other people, cheating, gambling and cooperating with the enemy team are not allowed.

    Other options

    This is considered a section used when the reason for the expulsion is not among the options defined, so a wording explaining the reason for the expulsion is generally justified.

    Games are nothing more than entertainment methods, whose positive aspects can be acquired by improving as a community. So it is advisable to learn what the rules are and how you should play Fortnite, in order to avoid this type of expulsion in the future.

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