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    How to know if my Steam account is locked or banned - Recover Steam account

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    Video games they are a company that generates billions and billions of euros in profits every year. This is due to the fact that virtually any technological device must always have options through which the user can entertain himself.

    These are entertainment systems, which they are virtual programs which are meant to keep you entertained. This is achieved through a series of activities that the user must complete, supported by rewards that maintain the user's interest.

    Thanks to the advancement of the video game industry, today there is a multimillion dollar company, which is widespread all over the world. This is important because everyone can be a player and play. If you have a PC, you can create a free Steam account and start downloading games.

    However, not everyone has a laptop or desktop computer. Therefore, video games weren't limited to just staying in these. Video games exist on consoles, which are special computers prepared exclusively for playing video games. Furthermore, we can play a wide variety of games on our phones, and you can even learn how to play Steam games on Apple devices.

    What is Steam?

    Steam is a video game distribution company, created by the development company Valve Software, founded by the owner of Steam himself, Gabe Newell. Between these two companies, this person managed to amass a fortune of over $ 4 billion.

    This is because Steam is a platform you never expect. This is because Steam has a number of Offers di sales and distribution that differentiate it from all similar companies.

    Also, Steam has revolutionized the market because thanks to them it has begun to cross the line of digital and physical games. This is because if you are about to buy a game and buy a CD, it is a physical game.

    However, if you buy it via a digital platform and download it, it counts as a digital game. This helps avoid contamination costs and makes the game acquisition process easier for the user. It is important that people know how to uninstall games from a Steam account forever.

    What can I do when I create a Steam account?

    Once created, you have several options on what to do. One thing people usually do is go into Steam's game library and check which ones they want to buy. However, many other people download Steam not for its virtual aspect, but for the communication tools it allows players to use.

    Every day there are more and more users who download Steam for its social aspect, and for this reason we recommend that users know how to add friends to a free Steam account without purchasing games. This can be done from both a phone and a laptop, and we remind you that Steam has a section dedicated to mobile games.

    How do I know if my Steam account is locked?

    When we go to enter Steam, many times we will pass the Login window without knowing if our account is really connected to the Steam servers. This is because every now and then your account passes without any activity, Steam blocks it but doesn't delete it. This is done in order to keep a fast service populated only by those users who need it.

    If we want to check if the account is blocked, we need to open Steam and click on the button with the same name located in the upper left corner. If we click there, it will take us to another screen.

    Here, the ¨ option is available Parametri account ¨. We will click here and a warning will appear saying ¨ VAC Verification ¨. This is Steam's system to check for accounts that are disabled or that violate its terms of use. Ideally, a warning will appear saying ¨ Verified by VAC ¨

    If not, we must contact Steam Technical Support, available around the clock around the world. They will give you the necessary steps to recover your account.

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