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    How to make a mod-free backpack in Minecraft? Very easy!

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    Requirements for making a mod-free backpack in Minecraft

    While it is a tool that can be achieved on its own via mods, there are also ways to acquire it without them; However, it is not a short process but with patience it can be accomplished very easily.

    It is important to remember that you can find various chests that allow you to store infinite materials that somehow play an important role in helping improve the gameplay. However, to have them all you need to update Minecraft to the latest version available.

    Among the known varieties of crates, there are the so-called Ender crates. Main items needed to make a mod-free backpack in Minecraft. These chests are obtained by processing, using blocks of obsidian extracted from the depths of the caves with the presence of lava and water. You need 8 in all plus an Enderman eye.

    You have to keep in mind that this class of blocks are not made of simple material, so a diamond pickaxe is essential to access it smoothly. Even if once in your hands the lost time will be worth it.

    When they're in your inventory safe and sound, start the crafting process as usual and connect the 8 obsidian blocks together with Enderman's eye. Your end result will be nothing more than a crate of Ender ready for start shaping your desire for a backpack without mod.

    Using Ender's chest as a backpack or second inventory

    With the chest fully spawned, you just need to unleash the process of storing the items within it based on what you need at that moment. It has no discrimination as to the type of object or tool to be saved, as long as there is still room to take that action.

    If you have the arrangement of a yunke in your hands, this will allow you to rename the crate and place the distinction you want (if you don't have it, you will need to make or create an anvil). With your flaming Ender chest just named, the last thing would be to be able to carry it with ease; however, in itself it is not an object that can be " left »In the inventory together with the other utensils that were previously stored in it.

    Again, the diamond pick is required to complete the task. But how? If the chest is hit by the force of the pickaxe, it will be destroyed in blocks of obsidian, returning to the origin of everything and as the icing on the cake, all stored items would be lost with no chance of recovering them intact.

    Calm! To correct this, you need to take and use a beak with a touch of silk. This way, your diamond pickaxe won't destroy Ender's chest at the slightest touch. In addition, this fantastic tool under the spell " Seta Touch» will allow you to drop the trunk into the inventory, without putting the stored items at risk.

    Try it yourself! If you've managed to run this short tutorial to the letter, the way to make a mod-free backpack in Minecraft with a crate of Ender will be fully covered with resounding success.

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