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    How to make an armor stand with arms in Minecraft - Creating armor stands

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    However, putting aside the main objectives of the popular Minecraft game, many people can play it to venture into the unknown, fight monsters for experience and excitement, build large buildings, or even meet new people.

    This shows that people can use the same video game for play it in different ways to their liking, even when it comes to a "simple" game like Minecraft. But if all the ways to play Mincraft have something in common, it is the possibility of being able to also boast of what you have done thanks to different commands that allow you to gain experience in the game.

    Whether you have built a castle, or something else difficult that took you a long time and that you are proud of, or you want to prove your level through good armor with the iron that you have found, you can always brag or show, both for aesthetics or for another reason, what you have and what you are worth. This is why the Minecraft developers have implemented the option of being able to use an armor stand.

    What is an armor holder?

    During the game Minecraft you can get all kinds of materials to be able to create all kinds of artifacts, building materials, weapons and even armor.

    The armors have the detail of increasing your defense against any type of impact, and range from armor to wood to diamond armor; the latter is the most enduring and highest defense.

    Making armor is an art, and is considered a symbol of strength and level within Minecraft, as in order to get diamond armor you have to spend many hours playing and searching for the matter necessary. And, if you have it, perhaps you have thought about displaying it in some way, as a display or decoration on the walls of your stone castle.

    Fortunately, the latter is possible through a trellis support, a support consisting of six wooden poles it's a stone slab.

    When you put these materials together by placing a rod in the four corners, one in the top box, one in the center, and the stone slab in the bottom center box, you get an armor stand, to which you can equip any armor you wish to display.

    An armor stand with arms

    Armor holders can be a really cool thing for the new or creative gamer to do, but you can only wear them an armor and maybe one head of pumpkin.

    But it is possible to have an armor stand with arms that you can change poses and you can put one on sword between your hands and another object if you want.

    However, these armor mounts are not natural or cannot be run normally within a game, to be able to do them you have to enter a command that you can enter only if you have the "cheats" option of your world enabled.

    In this case, simply press " T " enter the code " / evoca minecraft: armor_stand ~ ~ ~ {ShowArms: 1b} «, Press Enter and you will have your support with your arms.

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