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    How to make fences and gates in Minecraft to surround your home

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    What is Minecraft?

    Minecraft is a open world video game, exploring and building is essential. It was created by Markus Person and developed by his company Mojang AB and released in November 2011. And if you don't have it yet, you can download and install the latest version of Minecraft for PC for free.

    This amazing game gives you the opportunity to develop your universes in the ecosystem and design which you like best by placing and destroying.

    Thanks to the fact that it is an open world game, there is no specific mission per se, except for some of its game modes. Basically this video game consists of a free construction through the use of cubes with different three-dimensional textures.

    These blocks of the game represent the different elements of nature in which the player can move through their environment and modify it thanks to the creation, collection and transport of these blocks. Even so, it is possible to create objects or tools such as making a stonecutter in Minecraft.

    Whenever a player creates a minecraft game, the world that is generated will be different from that of another player. This happens because these worlds are created through the use of algorithms. But you can still play Minecraft online with a friend. This video game is divided into four game modes:

    1. Survival: Main game mode in which you will have to obtain resources such as minerals and food in order to survive the attack of various creatures that appear at night, until you manage to defeat the fearsome dragon. Your character in the game has 10 hearts of life To reach their goal, these hearts will fall if you are attacked by some wild creature or animal, if you fall from a very high place, you get tired, etc. And you can charge them while they sleep or eat.
    2. Creative: in this style of play you dictate the rules and you will have all the materials you want at your disposal without having to search for them. Your resources are unlimited, no monsters will be able to attack or harm you. Your hearts won't go down and you can even fly to explore the map where your game was spawned and choose the best place to build your buildings or find a village to move to and protect the villagers from attack by creatures at sunset.
    3. Adventure: This style of play is intended for players who are dedicated to creating maps for other users. You won't be able to break blocks if you don't have the correct tool, and in some versions you won't be able to change the difficulty.
    4. Spectator mode: In this form of game you will be able to explore the map including the caves, without any problem thanks to the fact that you will be able to pass through the walls of any material, including the terminal stone.

    By having a basic explanation of what Minecraft is, surely you've already started playing, but if you're in survival mode you will need to have certain materials to build things. In this case we will show you step by step how to make fences and gates.

    How to make fences and fence gates?

    As a normal fence, the gates of the enclosure they are a block and a half high, that's why you can't climb over them but go through the gate.

    To make gates and fences you will need wood that you can get from trees. When you have them, you need to go to the work table and when you place a wooden cube, it will turn into wooden planks.

    Now that you have the wooden boards, you have to put them back on the work table, but you have to use two cubes and put them on top of each other so that you can get some sticks.

    Now that you have the sticks, you need to use the work table again and if you are going to make fences, you need to fill the 6 spaces on the table with sticks and the result will be a fence.

    To make the doors the procedure is very similar, you have to place sticks on the table, but this time in the central spaces you have to place two wooden planks in so you can get the door. And you can count on a fence so you can surround your home. In case the game doesn't work the way you want, you can optimize and improve the performance in Minecraft.

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