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    How to make or create a crystal or glass in Minecraft? Step by step

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    What is needed to make a crystal or glass in Minecraft?

    Glass or crystal is obtained after the sand is melted. So, to make glass or glass, the first thing you will need is a furnace or melting furnace.


    The oven is one of the most versatile objects in the game. It will allow you to cooking food and melting materials with which you can create new items. It is really a very easy tool to make and to obtain compared to the great use it has.

    Besides being one of the most important elements of the game, it is one of the cheapest. To create an oven you first need to take eight stone blocks and arrange them in the side and top boxes of the crafting table. That is, around the entire table, leaving the central square empty.


    Once it has been fixed in this way, all you have to do is click on the button » Crea »To make the oven. When you have it ready you just need to add the coal to start working.


    You can easily find sand on beaches or in the desert biome. You can remove it by hand, however, a shovel would make your job a lot easier. Regardless of the material used, you will always get sand blocks.

    Create a crystal or glass in Minecraft

    After obtaining the necessary materials, it is the time to create a crystal or glass in Minecraft. What you need to do for this is add 63 pieces of charcoal to the oven for 60 blocks of sand. This will generate four glass blocks that you can use to craft multiple items or as a decoration.

    If what you want is to get crystal or glass to decorate your home or any other construction, you may be more interested in making glass panels.

    Making glass panels

    to make glass panels you have to go to your work table. It is obtained by joining four wooden planks which in turn are obtained by joining two blocks of this material.

    You can also get a work table in a mansion. However, it is much better and faster to create one. This way you will avoid the whole research process. Getting a work table inside the game is really very useful, since it is you will use very often for the creation of various elements.

    Once you are at your production table, to make a glass or crystal window (glass panel) you will need to arrange the glass blocks in the three boxes of the two lower rows in the 3 x 3 grid. When you are ready, click on the button " Crea »To make 16 glass panels.


    These panels can be painted with any of the 16 types of dyes in the game. In this way you will have glass blocks of the color you like best.

    To dye a glass block you have to place eight glass blocks in the outer squares of the production table grid, thus leaving the center square empty which is where you will put 64 pieces of the color you like best.

    To finish, click on the button » Crea »To obtain eight glass blocks of the desired color. These can be used to decorate buildings or your home in Minecraft. And now that you have them, you can move on to more difficult things like making tiles in Minecraft.

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