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    How to make or create a flowerpot in Minecraft? Very easy!

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    And, with lots of to do in such a vast world, a guide is needed to help understand the main mechanics and objects of the game, and later if you want to use them in more complicated combinations and constructions that come out of every player's imagination from the title (e.g. you can build or build a bridge ).

    Make or make a flowerpot in Minecraft

    Before starting the construction process of this item, you will need a specific amount of material, that is: brick.

    For the more experienced, getting these bricks is not a problem. But for those who are still beginners these items can be an obstacle, so now you will see how they are made.

    You will need clay, first of all, this is obtained in blocks naturally in the game (they are light gray in color), and the way to get it is with a shovel like sand (keep in mind that this should not have the magical touch of silk).

    Breaking one of these blocks will give you the number of pieces of clay, which you need to melt in the furnace with any fuel to automatically turn them into bricks (it doesn't matter if it's a furnace or a smelting furnace).


    Once you have the required amount (there are three of them) you can start create or create a vase in Minecraft. To achieve this you need to place them exactly in the following frames of a work table:

    In row number two there is a brick in the box one and another in the three and, in row number three there is only one in the second box, when you have placed all of them your vase will come out on the side, take it and it will come saved in your inventory. He'll only give you one, so you need to add more bricks to the recipe if you want to get more at once.

    Pot function in Minecraft

    Now that's completely clear how to make or create a flowerpot in minecraft, it is time for you to know what the function of this object is within the game.

    This basically serves the same purpose as its real-life version, as a container for placing different types of plants such as: flowers, cacti, shrubs, among others.

    In addition, mushrooms and ferns can also be placed in these, however, this will not make them grow faster or taller (it does not attach anything), it only serves as an internal or external decoration.

    A vase is 3/8 blocks high, so it can be stepped on without tripping or destroying it. Likewise, they have a peculiarity that allows them to be placed face down on slabs and stairs.


    It should be noted that this is one of the few items in the game that looks different when you put it than it does in the inventory, as it will look round in this and when placed it will acquire a square shape. And ready with the latter, you know everything you need for create or create a vase in Minecraft quickly and easily.

    So go straight to the game, find all the necessary materials and build your beautiful vases, to start decorating your world in a completely different way than you did before.

    Once you've made your vases, you can continue making or making a lectern in Minecraft or making or making a book with a pen, or labels, or whatever else you can think of, because your imagination is the limit.

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