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    How to merge or glue crystals in Minecraft and make them more transparent?

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    Installation of the elements needed to join or glue the crystals in Minecraft

    There are several methods to achieve this, by directly editing Minecraft files, installing a texture pack, or by other more complex methods. However, the fastest and easiest is based on installing a texture pack.

    OptiFine installation

    To merge or glue crystals in Minecraft, you need to download first «OptiFine» for the version of Minecraft you are using (it is recommended to update to the latest version). Once you have downloaded the file you need to install it in Minecraft.

    You need to open the Run window, to do this in Windows you need to press the keys at the same time » Windows " And " R ". In the window that will appear you have to enter «% appdata%» and press the » Submit «.

    Then, in the window that opens, look for the folder «.Minecraft», then right-click and select the option » apri ". Inside it, you need to enter the folder called " Mods »With the same procedure as the previous one.


    To complete the installation you need to copy the downloaded file to the folder "Mods" and in some cases it will be necessary to unzip it with a program like WinRAR.

    It should be noted that it is extremely important to verify the Minecraft version and that it matches the OptiFine version, because an error will generate errors in the game. It is necessary to open the game and verify its correct functioning to verify a correct installation.

    Once installed you can continue with the installation of the texture pack, also optifine is used to optimize and improve performance, which will prevent Minecraft from being slow and jerky.

    Installation of the Soartex texture pack

    This texture pack is the one that will allow you to merge or glue crystals in Minecraft and make them appear transparent. There are many such packages on the internet that perform the same function, you may want to search for several and go through the same installation process.

    It is important to keep in mind that texture packs come from reputable sources, as they may include malware or spyware that could put your computer at risk. This texture pack is recommended and comes from a reputable source, so its installation is totally safe and doable.

    It is necessary to enter the following link «» and download both » Invictus " that " Fanver ". By clicking on the option » Download »In the version of the package that corresponds to the version of Minecraft. So to install it you need to open the window again " Run ", to insert «% Appdata%» and select » OK «.

    In the window that has emerged, you should look for the folder «.Minecraft» and then you should insert the file «Resourcepacks». The two previously downloaded files should be moved to that folder without unzipping them.

    How to configure Minecraft to merge or glue crystals in Minecraft?

    After completing the above steps, you need to open Minecraft and enter a world in creative mode. The creative mode will allow you to quickly have glass blocks to verify that they work. The next thing will be to press the button » Esc ", to select " options »And finally click on "Resource package".

    In this window you must first enable the package "Fanver" and then " Invictus «, By clicking on the image of the resource pack. To apply these changes it is necessary to select » Accept ". With these steps you should already see the glass blocks without borders and with transparency, thanks to the texture pack.

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