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    How to play portable Counter Strike online? - Counter Strike online

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    Play portable Counter Strike online

    The first thing you should know is that this game is not an official version of Counter, so it's not approved by the company that created it.

    The second thing is that the official version of the game can no longer be played on PC, since it was taken offline along with its servers in 2017, due to the lack of technical staff to keep it running.

    Currently it can be found on some pages of online games or mini games, but finding a game is very difficult and the servers are not working as they should.

    However, there is no reason to be discouraged, since there is a version by phone which, while not even official, allows you to play online with other people.

    Now, you have to take into account that this version it is not available in the Play Store but you have to download an APK that allows it to work properly, so if you don't like these files you won't be able to play.

    Play on the Android version with an APK

    In In order to play Counter Strike Portable online, as we read above, you need to go through a series of very short steps, starting with the download of the APK.

    You can get it online for free, you just need to download and install it on your mobile in order to have the game. Once this is done, you just have to enter, the title will allow you to play against the computer offline.

    And likewise, you can access an online server menu by clicking the button "Multiplayer" When you see a server you like, you just have to click on it and that's it. Note that you can also play original Counter Strike 1.6 on Android and you won't need an apk, but it's not the same as the portable one.

    Pros, cons and disadvantages

    Now with the above you can now play Counter Strike portatile online, but unfortunately not all is plain sailing. This game has a number of fairly pronounced pros and cons.

    The good things are that: it requires very little configuration, the graphics are quite good, as it looks a lot like that of an original Counter Strike, the camera is well positioned so it is comfortable and the controls are very simple and intuitive.

    In the case of the ugly you should: it lacks a lot of maps and weapons from the classic game, so it takes some nostalgia out of the title, from time to time there are quite strong LAG issues that can interrupt a game and is ultimately unstable on many phones.

    Also many players have directly reported that if you have a mobile of the current range, the game won't or won't be compatible, but only works with older phones.

    Also, and despite this being a divided opinion, it is said that it is difficult to find a game due to the lack of active players on the servers, so playing online is possible, but difficult. Like everyone else, everyone has their own opinion of him, so it's up to you to find out whether or not you can play this title.

    For the rest there is nothing more to say, with everything you have read before already know what you need to play Counter Strike laptop online, then go and put to test your knowledge. And if you don't like it then check out what are the best counter strike games? to find one you like or, failing that, look for other games like Counter.

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