How to record gameplay on PS4 with my voice and that of my friends in chat

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The staggering increase in popularity that video games have gained in recent years is a factor that does not go unnoticed in the world of commerce. And it is that every time the number of people attracted to try the experience of such incredible creations increases.

Therefore, there are many users who want to become famous players. The problem is that some don't know the most basic principles, and for that reason they don't know how to change things like simpler console or game setups.

Nowadays it is very common for most of the players to choose to play Gameplay. This is a very new activity, however if you are one of the people who still don't know how to perform this action, don't worry. Below we will show you step by step how to get it.

What is a video game console?

First of all, you need to know that a video game console is a device created with the main goal of being able play different types of titles and games. Which vary greatly depending on the company that was responsible for their creation.

Although this concept has changed slightly in recent years, since consoles are no longer focused only on gaming, but also allow us access to the internet. , oh social network and even playing videos with platforms like YouTube or Netflix.

What is a PS4?

The PS4 or Play Station 4 is until now the second most modern console developed by the Sony company and whose successor is the Play Station 5. It is a real machine compared to previous consoles, as it has amazing features.

Among which we can mention 8GB of ram, for an hard disk da 500GB, you can connect to the internet via Wi-Fi and among many other things. Which indicates that with this equipment we can run the most demanding and demanding games on the current market, which are recognizable by their graphics.

What is gameplay and how to record it on my PS4?

Today there is a big trend when it comes to Gameplay, which is the recording of a game made by any user. And that normally attract attention in an incredible way by the public who are usually also gamers.

Therefore, these state-of-the-art consoles must have met the need to simplify game registration. Here because on a PS4 you can record easily simply by pressing the «Share» button twice to start the recording and once to stop it.

How to record a PS4 Gameplay with my voice and that of my friends in chat?

The amazing thing about PS4 gameplay is that it enables a wide variety of tools, among which we can mention the recording your own voice and even the voices of the friends we will play with.

To enable this option, we need to first connect the original earphone console or any other at the command input. So we do click the share button on the remote control, then on the "option" button,

In the new interface, we will select "Sharing settings" and then the second option "Video clip settings", where the space that says "include microphone audio in video clip" should be marked or enabled. And with that our voice will be recorded.

In order to record the voice of our friends it is necessary to have a group, which we will do privately or freely, we give it a name and proceed to click on create. Being in it, we invite the friends we want to play with and automatically their voices will also be recorded in the Gameplay.

Thanks to this, we will not only be able to enjoy the Gameplay that we do alone, but we will also be able to share the experiences we have with our friends. Which is almost always better and more fun.

It should be noted that at the moment the possibility of recording a Gameplay has increased and has included new tools. For this reason, more and more people are including this mode in their video games.

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