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    How to register or create an account in Habbo to enter for free? - Quick and easy

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    If you want to experience this new experience, you just have to participate in the habbo races; You can also enjoy the game camera if you like pictures or selfies. Within this community you will find forums and groups, you decide which large number of communities you belong to.

    Find out how to create your Habbo account for free

    To create your account in this virtual community you must first enter the official Habbo page, from there you can enter all data that are required of you so that you can start enjoying this game for free.

    Next, you need to click on the button that says "Join", yes it will automatically open another tab, there you will discover the form for creating the account in which you will have to fill in each of the spaces with your data.

    Being in this tab, you will notice that there are two ways to create your account, the first is filling out the form corresponding and the second is by logging in via the Facebook connection.

    But you should be aware that the Creating an account via Facebook is not recommended. Since if at any time you decide to delete your account on this platform, you will automatically delete the Habbo account as well. For this reason, it is recommended that you create your account via the form.

    Another relevant detail is respond to each of the data required in the form, which are: e-mail address, password, password verification, date of birth. Then you have to accept the terms and conditions of the game, point out that you are not a robot and click so that you can create an avatar.

    After performing all these steps, you need to install or update Adobe Flash Player, as you need to have the latest update for this program. Similarly, you need to click on "Allow" in so you can give the installer permission, after which you are ready to create your avatar.

    It is important to consider customizing your avatar, bringing out your creative qualities and abilities. Thereafter it is necessary activate your account, by mail you will receive a message from Habbo. Next, click where it appears "Activate your account now" And that's it. This way you are within this virtual community.

    Play for free

    Belonging to Habbo is simple, this free account allows you to choose each of the details that can be found within the virtual room. You can choose the physical appearance of the avatar selecting between clothes, hairstyle, name and gender of the avatar. You also have to choose the game room you want. In general, the user has the option of customize it to your liking.

    Habbo has evolved over the years. This game was created in 2000 in Finland and in 2003 it came to Spain.

    This world of illusions constantly tests the creativity of the participants and you can express these skills or abilities through contests. In turn, to access it, you just have to visit the news section and there you will discover the competitions that are held weekly.

    Finally, by experimenting with this new social network, you will realize that you can to come in in contact with people from different countries. So don't be left behind, start enjoying this virtual alternative where you will have the opportunity to find new friends and challenge them through competitions.

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