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    How to recover lost items when you die in Minecraft

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    When you die in Minecraft, is everything lost?

    When we die in this gigantic world of minecraft, we lose some of our experience accumulated by default from the game and sometimes some of the our objects and armor, however, there are ways to prevent this from happening with commands or other tools. For most users this is something that should be fixed, on the other hand other users prefer this additional difficulty.

    How much time do I have to get my stuff back in Minecraft

    If you are a Minecraft player you will know that when you die, all your objects and your experience remain in the place of your death, similarly you have 5 minutes after your death to reach the place before your items and your experience disappear.

    How to recover the things I lost when I died in Minecraft

    That is why we are fighting against the many monsters attacking us in Minecraft or because we fall from a high place, get burned, poison or suffer from some other problem, it is completely normal to die in Minecraft. In fact, a lot happens to most of us when we start playing Minecraft online or offline for the first time.

    And, no matter how experienced we are with the passage of time, dying is still something that happens to us frequently. But, when we die having it with us various objects di value in the game, we can't help but get frustrated and wonder how to get them back easily.

    For the benefit of all players, there are several ways to protect our items from threats in Minecraft.

    Of course, there are also several aspects to take into consideration when trying to retrieve our belongings when we die, for example the way of death. That's why today we're also going to break down how you can know when you can get your belongings back and when it's simply not possible.

    Command to find your items in Minecraft

    If you are playing Minecraft and what you want is that when you die you don't have to go to another place before time runs out and your items disappear or you just don't know where they were, with this command the your inventory will remain intact (/ gamerule keepInventory true) and if you later want the difficulty boost to turn it off, you'll use this (/ gamerule keepInventory false).

    What should I watch out for when trying to recover my stuff in Minecraft after death?

    While it's true that in some cases we can get our stuff and items back in Minecraft, there are some details you need to remember when trying. The objects we had at the time of death they will remain in the place of deathprovided that no aspect of the exterior damages or destroys them.

    Herein lies the problem, as normally, when we die, we do it because of something that can also harm the objects we carry in our backpack in Minecraft. For example, if we fall into lava, our things will incinerate the instant they fell, and if we burn, they will burn with us. Likewise, if what kills us is an explosion, the our things will not survive to tell it.

    On the other hand, if there were constant streams near the place of death, it is possible that these take our things and leave them where we least expect them. And yes, instead, what we had with us falls into a cactus, this unfortunately will break everything.

    You also have to remember you have to be quick, as everything you had in your inventory before you died can only be there for five minutes. Furthermore, you can also recover all the lost experience if you are quick to search for it.

    How can I protect my belongings if I die in Minecraft?

    Although our items are vulnerable to game elements, there are ways we can protect them in so that they are not damaged. All you have to do is install a mod that will help you achieve it, namely the wonderful Lootable Bodies mod.

    This mod is not entirely conventional, as it is not prevents simply that our things are damaged and remain in the same place. Indeed, what it does is leave our body in the place of death.

    Yes, as you heard, it is the body that we can recover. Inside, we can find all objects we had at the time of death.

    Of course, the benefit of all of this is that this body will be totally immune from all the dangers that surround it ; nothing can destroy our things.

    This may not be a mod for everyone, but there is no doubt that it does the job perfectly. We encourage you to be careful when playing and to follow the steps we have provided here to recover your belongings if you die in Minecraft.

    How do I not lose things in Minecraft

    You could resort to keep your items all the time in your crates and create a map, find a horse or if you are in an aquatic environment create a boat to move fast, in which case you would go for your own stuff or you can use the controls that make things easier or even you don't miss out on anything from your inventory.

    In this great creative world the only problem is dying and feeling like you are losing your progress, it is a little frustrating but there are many ways to avoid such cases.

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