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    How to register or create an account on PSN Playstation Network?

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    If you have recently purchased a Playstation console and would like to start having fun with online games, you will need to log in with a PSN Network account.

    In case you are not sure how to do it, then you have arrived at the indicated post. Next we'll take the trouble to didactically explain the steps you need to follow to creare un account su PSN PlayStation Network.

    Steps to create an account on PSN PlayStation Network

    In this new section we will explain step by step everything you need to do for creare un account su PSN Playstation Network. You simply have to read each step carefully so that you can go through the process in minutes, plus you shouldn't worry, as it's a fairly straightforward process. Keep reading!

    •  To start the process you need to enter the Sony home page. To do this, simply type the address of that page into the search bar of your favorite browser. We also remind you that you can do it both from your computer and from your mobile device.
    •  Once you have entered this web page, you need to log into your PlayStation account.
    •  Next, a new screen will appear with two fields to fill in. However, you should look at the option " Create a new account Which is found under these empty spaces.

    •  In this step another new window will open in which you will need to enter an address email valid and the password you will use from now on to log in. Remember that the password must have at least 8 characters, between which you must enter letters and numbers, in this way your password will have greater security. Once this is done, press the option " NEXT «
    •  Next, you will see a new menu where you need to enter additional information. First you have to choose your country of residence, your preferred language and your date of birth.
    • Now you will need to enter the real address of your residence, that is, you will have to enter both the state and the zip code of the area in which you reside. In this way Sony keeps track of the flow of users who belong to its network.

    We're almost done

    • Once you have reached this point you will have to enter an ID or gamertag in the form, which identifies you when you play online. Basically with that new ID your friends will be able to add you as and invite you to online games. You can even play on PlayStation Now. 
    • After choosing your gamertag, you will need to re-enter both your first and last name in the fields below.

    • To continue you must accept the terms of use and privacy then select the option » Continue ". However, you can also press the option » Modification »So that you can read more in detail all the conditions of use required by Sony.
    •  Now you will have to prove your identity by clicking on the button » I'm not a robot ". This is a routine procedure used by many Web pages to control user flow.
    •  An option will then appear to receive unique promotions on PlayStation products and information. This way Sony will always keep you informed of all the news from this platform. However, you cannot select this option so that this information is not sent to you by email.
    •  To finish you must select the option » Accept and create account «, From now on you will receive an email to the email address you entered to create the account.
    • Finally, you need to check your inbox and open the email the PlayStation Network team sent you. Within this email you will need to follow the instructions to be able to verify your newly created account.
    • After making the verify, you can use the login with your data to enjoy all the best games and applications that PlayStation Network offers by creating a new account.

    That's all for today! If the information contained in this post was useful to you, do not hesitate to share it with all your contacts through social networks, in the next episode!

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