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    How to adjust and configure mouse sensitivity and DPI in Valorant - Best settings

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    Set mouse DPI to Valorant

    And how is Valorant like a shooter video game? Certainly very notable, as it has a excellent competitive level. However, for newbies, issues like sensitivity and DPI can be complex.

    Also, there is a lot of debate related to the DPI, years ago people thought that a higher DPI was more convenient for gaming. Anyway, the trend has totally changed, nowadays it is more common to see settings PPE below 1000.

    The default setting on most competing mice is 800 DPI, and some pro gamers even use the 400 DPI setting. Either way, we find that for the average user 800 DPI is more than enough, being a balance between speed and precision.

    For this reason a setting DPI di 800 not bad at all, however this depends on the sensitivity you use. But in the end you can start with 800 as a base.

    How to get the most suitable mouse sensitivity in Valorant

    the sensitivity problem depends on many factors, but mainly on how you play. However, some sensitivities they can be more efficient in the long run, but some getting used to.

    In any case it is essential to take into account the movement, in other words you should focus on being able to yourself move anywhere on the screen without much effort. Mainly, the recommended tactic is to rely on the space in which you have the mouse, that is, that your sensitivity is sufficient to move along the mat.

    An effective way to establish adequate sensitivity is to go to the practice area. Here there are various modes, in which the «enemies» will be shown, in principle simply perform movements and check if your accuracy is adequate. If you feel that you are being inaccurate and exaggerating, you may want to lower your sensitivity a bit.

    On the other hand, if you have difficulty reaching distant enemies, then you should increase the sensitivity. Of course, everything is a matter of practice and adaptation. The increases should be gradually, but substantial if you feel very uncomfortable with the previous sensitivity.

    Valorant's basic sensitivity

    Even so, if you are looking for a base, Vitality give way, one of the best players in the world has a sensitivity of 0,35 and a DPI of 400. Either way, this sensitivity is certainly too low for most people, who usually opt for the sensitivities between 0,44 and 0,55 with a DPI of 800, but we reiterate that the most relevant thing is that many tests are carried out.

    Keep in mind that the above principles apply equally to other titles, in fact games like Overwatch also require practice to get the best feeling.

    The mouse is very important in Valorant

    the mouse is undoubtedly one of the most important tools in shooting games. The goal is perhaps the determining factor for a better game, so having a good mouse often helps.

    Even so, don't expect miraculous changes if your goal isn't good, in fact, if so, the only thing left is to practice and practice. Either way, if you think your goal is relatively good, you might want to consider investing in a better quality mouse.

    There are too many models in existence, but among the cheapest the first names that come to mind are HyperX Pulsefire Core e Logitech G203. These two mice cost less than $ 40 and have proven to be the preferred options for gamers, as they have good accuracy thanks to their excellent sensors.

    In any case the mouse, the sensitivity and the DPI they are not the most relevant in the game, in fact lowering the high Ping in Valorant is also very important to have a good experience and play better.

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