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    How to report a player account on Call of Duty mobile for cheating?

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    COD Mobile is one of the best mobile games out there, that's because it's an action packed title, and at the same time it has amazing features (you can even play with any Call of Duty Mobile controller), so everyone wants to play without cheating and with that in mind today you will see How to report a player account in Call of Duty mobile?

    Nobody likes a cheater or a hacker, as they ruin the gaming experience for anyone and take away the sense of competitiveness from any game. For this reason, every now and then you have to do justice for yourself and accuse those who behave in a wrong way.

    How to report a player account in Call of Duty?

    Now, to get started right away and learn how to quickly report a player account in Call of Duty, you must first keep that in mind the reason for your report must be justified.

    That is, you cannot report someone just because you are better than you, or because more kills have been made (in fact), every complaint must be supported by facts, as if technical support reviews and there is nothing strange, the consequences can fall on you.

    If you've made it clear, it's time to get started. To make the report you have to wait for the current game to end, once you are in the screen where the players and statistics appear, press the red exclamation mark button, which is located in the upper right corner.

    With this action, a complaint window will appear on the screen, a list of players (with whom you have played) will appear, to select the one you want to accuse you just have to press it or touch it with your finger.

    When you have already chosen it, choose one of the boxes with the reasons for the report, which would be: verbal abuse, inactivity, cheating, absent colleagues and assaulted. Having already chosen both the person and the reason, he proceeds to write a short text explaining the reason for the complaint.

    Finally, when everything is ready, press «Report», the report will be passed to the company responsible for the game and it will be his care to apply exemplary punishment if the situation calls for it.

    Contact COD Mobile technical support

    With the above it should be clear how to report a player account in Call of Duty, however there is still another way to report, and that is to contact Call of Duty Mobile technical support.

    To do this you have to go to your browser and place Activision Support there, when you exit the official page, enter it, once inside press the section called "Your Game".

    This action will bring up a list of company games, choose the COD Mobile among them. You will now find yourself in a section where you can submit bug or player reports to the creators.

    For this you have to fill in the corresponding boxes that appear right there, which are: your game, the platform, the problem in question and the problem you are having (even if it is with a player), once everything is filled you just have to give "Send".

    This method is also effective, but it is recommended to use the first one, as it is the official one and the most used in the game. And voila, with everything you read you can say that you have learned how to report a player account in Call of Duty.

    For that reason, you are now free to go and make life cheating impossible, but before that don't forget that this game is very broad so don't it hurts to look for tutorials to help you figure it out. For example you can investigate: How to remove the LAG from Call of Duty Mobile and increase the FPS? , so that your experience is better.

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