How to troll your friends in Minecraft - Create epic carts in Miencraft

What is trolling in Minecraft?

The term trolls. It is a widely used verb in Internet slang, derived from the word troll. It is the way to describe the people who like to play pranks on others. In most cases using the victim's ignorance or innocence, about a specific problem or situation.

Minecraft is a free game and everyone has the freedom to do what they like best. Include teasing your friends from time to time. The type and quality of trolling will depend a lot on your imagination. The trolleys a times they are traps that you build for your friends or with modified item modifications.

What do I need to troll my friends?

The first thing you will need is know the properties of all materials well and the objects available in Minecraft, to think of a good trap; things like blocks of magma, dynamite, obsidian, terminal crystals, puffers, scaffolding, hatches, and even creepers, are materials we can make fun traps with.

We can also resort to mod unofficial who provide us with additional items, ideal for making your jokes for the victim even more unexpected; There are mods that include fans, spikes, lighters, bear traps, magnetic chests, or fake floors. Obviously before installing the mod in Minecraft you will need to check which version it is compatible with.

You can download a couple of those mod to improve your tricks at the following addresses that we present below:


How to make epic trolls for your friends?

You can play a joke on your friends, hiding blocks of magma under a carpet (it does not burn, it hides the lava and falls with the weight of the victim), an ideal cart to put inside a house.

Another way you can troll friends in Minecraft is at the front door of your friend's house, destroy the next block (at floor level) and break another one below, in that hole put a puffer fish and fill the top block again with the same material; When your friend walks in the door, he will scare the fish and swell by applying his poison.

A classic

A classic trolley is that of dig (20 blocks deep), in an area where you know your friend will pass, then you raise a scaffold to ground level and from that last scaffold, build on the sides to fill the entire void and above you cover everything with the same floor material ; you wait for your friend from below and when he passes break the gallows!

You can put a bombshell book, breaking a block of the floor and placing dynamite combined with red stone, then carefully put a lectern on it and write a book (without putting it), with a message that will keep your victim standing on the lectern for a few seconds; the dynamite will be activated and will leave a nice crater in the area.

But this trolling is the most epic, because you can blow up your friend's house, for this you need a crystal from the end (it is made with crystals, an eye from the end and a ghostly tear), you put yourself in the center of the house, you place an obsidian and above the terminal crystal they carefully break the base into so that the crystal remains floating; When your friend gets close, it will explode.

You have an unlimited amount of building possibilities, both with normal materials and added from a mod, and you already know how to troll friends in Minecraft; Take advantage of continuing to play and gain experience,  the important thing is to know how to have fun  without overdoing the jokes, and thus maintaining your friendships over time.

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