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    LA Noire - LA Noire complete solution Case 7

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    LA Noire, Case 7 - "The Fallen Idol"

    Once at the crash site, take the downhill path. Once you reach the car, examine the underwear and the letter inside the purse on the trunk of the car, then talk to the medical examiner and examine the head of the idol he will give you for further details. Now retrace your steps, taking the backward path up the hill, to question June Ballard. The answers to be given are the following:

    - Statement 1: DOUBT (nothing is known about any drug problems)
    Claim 2: FALSE (you have women's clothes as proof)
    - Statement 3: DOUBT
    - Statement 4: DOUBT

    Once the interrogation is over, continue to the hospital. Once on the spot, do not enter through the main door, but through the emergency room. Talk to the receptionist and the doctor outside the room then, before talking to Jessica, remember to read her medical record (hanging in front of the bed). Now you can start the interrogation in the usual way:

    - Claim 1: FALSE (you have underwear and medical records as evidence)
    - Statement 2: FALSE (you have as proof the letter found at the accident site)
    - Statement 3: DOUBT
    - Statement 4: TRUE

    Once the interrogation is over, you will see June come out of the hospital. Get in your car and follow it at a safe distance so as not to be discovered, while paying attention not to make accidents with other cars on the road. You will see the woman park and enter a bar called Mallory: post just outside and spy on her. Wait for him to pick up the phone, then go inside and take a seat at the free table on the left, using the newspaper as a cover to keep you from being discovered. Overhear the call and wait for June to leave, then take your car back and head to Bishop's apartment.

    Once there, talk to the concierge who will tell you to take the elevator and go to apartment 803: here you will find Bishop's wife, who will allow you to enter and collect clues without resisting. First of all, examine the saddle near the entrance, then go to the bedroom, to examine the check that you will find on the ground in the corner opposite the entrance; in the next room (whose entrance is to the right of the saddle examined previously) examine the replica of the film set on the shelf and the photo placed a little further on. Now return to the main room, where all you have to do is examine the photo on the chest of drawers and then finally sit down and question Gloria Bishop. The answers to be given during the interrogation are as follows:

    - Statement 1: DOUBT
    - Statement 2: TRUE
    - Statement 3: DOUBT
    - Statement 4: DOUBT

    Once the interrogation is complete, use the telephone to find the address of your next destination. Once there, go inside and talk to the man at the counter to be led to the back. Begin your investigations by examining the small metal shelf to the right of the scenography, where you will find a bottle of Hydrated Chloride; then go to the opposite side of the room and examine the mirror, to find that on the other side of it is a secret room. Exit the room and go back outside (out the door to the left, then to the left again), where the garbage cans are, to examine the work table where you will find a replica of the idol's head that you examined with the coroner at the beginning of this case. Don't forget to also examine the other table, on which you will find the fourth of the 13 collectible newspapers scattered around the game.

    Now examine the fake wall to the right of the garbage can, kick it down to reveal the door leading to the secret room behind it. Examine the film (or rather its box) on the table to the left, then continue with the left shelf to examine the other objects. Now you can go back and question Marien Hog. The answers to be given are the following:

    - Statement 1: FALSE (you have the chloride bottle as proof)
    - Statement 2: TRUE
    - Claim 3: FALSE (you have as proof the film box found empty in the secret room)
    Claim 4: FALSE (you have the check found earlier in Bishop's house as proof)

    Once the interrogation is over and you are back outside the building, you will be attacked by McAfee's men. Pull up to their car with yours to allow your partner to shoot the tires and knock them out, then chase Bishop between movie sets. Once on the roof, be especially careful to avoid the floor of beams that flakes off as Bishop passes: jump at the right moment staying on the left or you will find yourself falling into the street. Once you reach Bishop you will be attacked again by McAfee's men: you will have to engage in a long firefight and beat them (use the covers wisely and use the enemy's weapons as much as possible in addition to your gun) to complete the case.

    Congratulations: You've also completed the second set of LA Noire cases.

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