Legend of Mana Remaster - Trophy List

Finally Square Enix has made Legend of Mana available to European players in this remastered version.

So let's see together all the objectives to be achieved to reach the coveted platinum of Legend of Mana.


  • A World is Born: Placed the “Mailbox” artifacton the world map
  • Merchant Withous Scruples: Witnessed the conclusion of events involving Niccolo
  • Dear Diary: Read the first entry in Li’l Cactus diary
  • Braving the Elements: Caught an Elemental Spirit for the first time
  • Universal Language: Made an instrument for the first time
  • One Million Strikes!: Made a weapon for the first time
  • Armor Love: Made a piece of armor for the first time
  • A Fruit of One’s Labor: Raised an item of produce in an orchard for the first time
  • It’s a Shellout: Hatched a pet from a monster egg for the first time
  • Count to ten: Reached level 10
  • Purty Thirty: Reached level 30
  • Mechanical Friend: Created a golem for the first time
  • Moneybags: Held over 10,000 lucre at one time


  • Death and Rebirth: Witnessed the ending for the first time
  • When Friendships Fall Apart: Witnessed the conclusion of events involving the Faerie world
  • Contract Killers: Witnessed the conclusion of events involving the Emperor of Dragons
  • It All Ended in Tears: Witnessed the conclusion of events involving the jewel thief
  • Plucky Sorcerers: Witnessed the conclusion of events involving Bud and Lisa
  • Invasion of Privacy: Read every entry in Li’l Cactus’s diary
  • Abundance of Ability: Learned every Ability
  • No Hope for the Future: Played the game on “No Future” mode
  • Nifty Fifty: Reached level 50
  • The Envy of Niccolo: Held over 100,000 lucre at one time


  • Fingers in Every Pie: Saw the game’s ending after completing67 events
  • Master-at-Arms: Learned every Special Technique
  • Ardent Agriculturalist: Raised every type of produce
  • Crustacen Crusher: Stepped on 32 or more crabs in the crab bashing mini game
  • On Cloud Nine-Nine: Reached level 99
  • Thirst for Knowledge: Completed every entry in the encyclopedia


    • Legend of Mana: Earned all other trophies

    Here is the complete list of all the objectives to be achieved to reach the platinum of Legend of Mana.

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