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Lost Judgment, the latest creation of the Ryu ga Gotoku Studio, has 48 Trophies in all, here we explain in detail what they are.

Lost Judgment, the latest creature of the Ryu ga Gotoku Studio (if you want to know more about the title, take a look at our article), presents well 48 Trophies to obtain. Of these 40 are Bronze, 3 Silver, 4 Gold and finally there is the inevitable and coveted Platinum Trophy.

Lost Judgment, as we have also had the opportunity to investigate in our special, is in fact very rich in activities to be carried out and, consequently, nice load of trophies, to be unlocked to prove you are the perfect detective. If you want to fully enjoy the experience offered by the development team, already famous for the Yakuza series, you just have to consult the list of objectives to be completed, also to get an idea of ​​what awaits you starting from the next September 24.


  • Now the fun begins: You solved Keiko's dilemma;
  • The first penguin: You stopped bullying at Seiryo High;
  • Viral video: You have completed the fourth chapter;
  • Unexpected guests: You have completed the sixth chapter;
  • Everyone is punished: You have completed the seventh chapter;
  • To survive: You have completed the eighth chapter;
  • Lessons taught: You have completed the ninth chapter;
  • The mole: You have completed the eleventh chapter;
  • The scales of justice: You have completed the twelfth chapter;
  • Hop, Step, Rabbits!: You have completed the investigation of the dance club;
  • The revenge of the nerds: You have completed the investigation of the robotics club;
  • Anyone can change: You have completed the investigation at the boxing gym;
  • Straight into the morning: You have completed the investigation into the biker gang;
  • I'll handle that: You have solved 10 secondary cases;
  • Investigator: You have solved 30 secondary cases;
  • Kickflip: You got the skateboard for free;
  • Clemenza: You made an enemy surrender;
  • Expert observer: Found ten targets in observation mode;
  • Grasp the signs: Found ten targets with the detector;
  • Superfine hearing: You found ten targets with the sound amplifier.
  • What a good puppy!: You found ten targets with the dog;
  • Irresistible charm: A girl made you a declaration of love;
  • Newbie to techniques: You have unlocked 30 techniques;
  • Technique expert: You have unlocked 100 techniques;
  • TownGo novice: You have completed the trading missions of 30 TownGo stores;
  • TownGo fanatic: You have completed all TownGo trade missions;
  • TownGo Tourist: You have completed 20 TownGo city missions;
  • TownGo Travel Guide: You have completed all TownGo city missions;
  • TownGo freshman: You have completed 10 TownGo school missions;
  • TownGo veteran: You have completed all TownGo school missions;
  • Prevention is better ...: You have obtained all the pieces of equipment;
  • Skate or die: Collected all Skateboards;
  • Irresistible rhythms: You have obtained all the records;
  • Surrealist animalist: You have completed all the squirrel research;
  • The aviator: Achieved first place in all Drone Grand Prix;
  • Dice and cubes- Complete all levels of Dice & Cube;
  • 360 degree view: You have completed the final level of Aircelios;
  • Yagami pro skater: You got the first place in the final path of the skateboarding competition;
  • You suffer as G didCollected 50 support items in Hama of the Dead
  • Gamer life: You have tried all the arcade games.


  • The man who admonished the Amun: You have defeated the opponent who made the last request;
  • Master of techniques: You have unlocked all techniques;
  • Master di TownGo: You have completed TownGo 100%. Wow!


    • Break the wheel: Thanks for playing with us to the end !;
    • Legendary detective: You completed the main story on the highest difficulty;
    • High School Dramas: You have completed the investigation on the Professor;
    • Elementary, my dear: You have solved all secondary cases (excluding DLCs).


    • Sailed detective: Collected all other Lost Judgment trophies.

    Recall that Lost Judgment will be released next September 21th su PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One e Xbox Series X/S.

    ► Judgment is an Adventure-Action game developed by Ryu ga Gotoku Studio and published by Sony for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR, the video game was released on 25/06/2019
    Judgment is a beautiful game that cannot be missing from your collection: we have decided to evaluate it with a 88%, if you are interested in learning more you can read the Judgment Review.

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