Necromunda: Hired Gun - trophy list

All the trophies of the Focus Home Interactive title.

It's certainly not a perfect game, but Necromunda: Hired Gun still managed to earn a pass in the review of our Luigi Floris.

The game features a long line of trophies, several of which are bronze and therefore potentially easy to earn, making Necromunda tempting to hunters.


  • Headache: Killed 100 enemies with a headshot
  • Sadistic: Performed 100 takedowns
  • The size: Complete Chapter 1
  • The Prisoner: Complete Chapter 2
  • The beast: Complete Chapter 3
  • The Ambush: Complete Chapter 4
  • The Leak: Complete Chapter 5
  • The Siege: Complete Chapter 6
  • The darkness: Complete Chapter 7
  • La Scala: Complete Chapter 8
  • L'incontro: Complete Chapter 9
  • War between gangs: Complete Chapter 10
  • The Scia: Complete Chapter 11
  • Martyr's End: Complete Chapter 12
  • Additional earnings: Complete your first side mission
  • Small update: Purchase your first upgrade from the underground doctor
  • Sucker feet: Run on the wall for a distance equal to 2.500m
  • Cuckoo!: Destroy 50 shields with the grappling hook
  • Death from above: Kill 100 enemies while running on the wall
  • Treasure hunt: Open 20 crates
  • Here the paw: Kill 30 enemies with your hound
  • Man's best friend: Purchase an upgrade for your Mastiff
  • Who is a good little dog?: Pet your dog at Martyr's End
  • Perfect center: Complete Weapon Training at Martyr's End
  • Explorer: Find a weapon +3
  • Well roasted: Kill a genstropper with a grenade launcher
  • Walking is for the weak: Travel 5 km using the grappling hook
  • Specialist: Complete a mission using only special weapons
  • Who needs weapons?: Kill 5 enemies with a single use of the Strength Upgrade
  • Future best friends?: Leave Brickjaw alive at Koloss 44
  • Ruthless: Kill Brickjaw in Koloss 44
  • Zap: Kill 30 enemies with the Blast module
  • I'm not cheating!: Kill 60 enemies with the Perfect Aim module
  • boom: Kill 30 enemies with the Shatter module
  • Defuser: Activate all mines in Steelway


  • New allies: Fill a faction bar
  • Still human?: Upgrade a plant up to class 4
  • Who is the boss now?: Complete a mission with S rank
  • Lover of weapons: Kill an enemy with each weapon
  • Bionic Implant Specialist: Kill 100 enemies using the powers of your bionic implants
  • Ultimate weapon: Customize all aspects of a single weapon
  • Banker: Accumulate 100.000 credits
  • The inimitable: Finish Kaerus using the Ironfist exclusively
  • Pedestrian: Get past Avarus without using the grappling hook
  • Who sows bombs ...: Place 5 bombs in under 3 minutes in the Escher Lab
  • Sniper: Kill 10 enemies consecutively with headshots


  • The past: Complete the main campaign
  • First in class: Complete all main missions with at least A rank


  • True mercenary: Unlock all other trophies

Unfortunately the mix between metal music and the Warhammer 40,000 universe did not go as planned, but if you are a lover of the franchise and FPS (or perhaps trophy hunters) give Necromunda a chance.

► Necromunda: Hired Gun is a Shooter type game published by Focus Home Interactive for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, the video game was released on 01/06/2021
Necromunda: Hired Gun is a nice game that we recommend: we decided to rate it with a 62%, if you are interested in learning more you can read the Necromunda review: Hired Gun

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