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Obtaining all the trophies of Nioh 2 will not be easy at all, not only in terms of the difficulty of the Team Ninja game, but also because you will have to invest a good number of hours.

The first step of course is knowing what to do, and for that we are here with the complete list of trophies to unlock to unlock the coveted platinum of Nioh 2.


  • The debut of a samurai - You have reached level 10
  • Full-fledged samurai - You have reached level 100
  • The dawn of a dream - You made friends with Tokichiro
  • An electrifying triumph - You defeated Imagawa Yoshimoto and became a samurai
  • Hideyoshi - You have decided to share the name with Tokichiro
  • The path we choose - You took a different path from Tokichiro
  • The price of a dream - You defeated Tokichiro
  • The arms of a mother - You hugged your mom back in Transition
  • What is written - You have fulfilled your final destiny
  • The mind of a weapon - You have listened to the deepest thoughts of a Yokai weapon
  • Master of the katana - You have acquired esoteric techniques for the katana
  • Master of the double katana - You have acquired esoteric techniques for the double katana
  • Master of the spear - You have acquired esoteric techniques for the spear
  • Master of the ax - You have acquired esoteric techniques for the ax
  • Master of the kusarigama - You have acquired esoteric techniques for the kusarigama
  • Master of the odachi - You have acquired esoteric techniques for the odachi
  • Master of the tonfa - You have acquired esoteric techniques for the tonfa
  • Hatchet Master - You have acquired esoteric techniques for hatchets
  • Master of the falchion - You have acquired esoteric techniques for the glaive
  • Ninjutsu master - You have acquired esoteric techniques for Ninjutsu
  • Onmyo Master of Magic - You have acquired esoteric techniques for Onmyo magic

  • Explosive counter-attacker - You have used Brute, Fierce and Ghost counterattacks five times each against an Explosive Attack
  • Twin soul - You performed a Soul Affinity
  • Cutting-edge masterpiece - You forged an item
  • Novice restorer - You have modified a piece of equipment
  • Tea sommelier - You have rated your tea utensils 50 times
  • Lover of letters - You exhibited a handwritten scroll in your hut
  • Triumph of the pendant - You used the Kodama bazaar
  • Teamwork - Completed 10 missions with NPCs or in Expeditions with other users
  • Help wanted - Summoned an Acolyte 10 times from a Tomb of Mercy
  • Twilight wanderer - You have completed your first Twilight mission
  • Restored in the spring - You used the first hot spring
  • Tamer of Yokai - You have defeated all types of Yokai
  • Friend of the Guardians - Collected all Guardian Spirits
  • Sudama Exchange - You have exchanged gifts with a Sudama for the first time
  • My first core - Obtained your first Soul Core
  • My friend Kodama - Obtained the Soul Core of a Kodama
  • Fusion, what a passion - You have reached level 9 by merging any Soul Core
  • Experienced traveler - You have discovered 10 hidden objects on the map
  • Herdsman - You defeated Mezuki and Gozuki in the same mission
  • Dung pelletizer - You have become the best friend of Ryunojo the Dung Cultivator
  • Secret hopes - You met all the Usura-Hichos in "Fire and Flames"
  • Clean Sweep - You destroyed every piece of Amrita in "The Euphoric Demon"
  • Devout believer - You defeated the boss in "Sanctuary of the Viper" without destroying the Shirohami statue
  • Owlology - You chased all the Tatarimokke in "One Way Out"
  • Bullfighting - You defeated Gozuki in "The Village of Cursed Flowers"
  • Conspirator - You convinced Gyuki to attack the dam in "Overflowing Waters"
  • For whom the bells ring - You rang all the bells in "Dawn of Ruin"


  • Lover of springs - You used all the hot springs
  • Leader of the Kodama - You have collected all the Kodamas
  • Seeker of souls - Obtained all Soul Cores
  • Let there be light - You have dissolved all traces of the Dark Kingdom in the main missions
  • The seven wonders - Defeated each of the Seven Spears in "Cherry Blossoms in Daigo-ji"


  • Legendary Samurai - You have completed all missions on any difficulty level
  • A dream within a dream - You said goodbye to Tokichiro before his last trip


You are Nioh - Collected all trophies

Now that you have obtained the Nioh 2 Platinum trophy you can really tell yourself the experts of one of the most difficult titles of 2020.

► Nioh 2 is an Action-RPG type game developed by Team Ninja and published by Koei Tecmo for PlayStation 4, the video game was released on 13/03/2020

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