Pac-Man 99: complete guide to battle royale

Here's everything you need to know about the new Nintendo Switch title, along with some tips to improve your results.

Pac-Man 99 is the new battle royale exclusive for Nintendo Switch and for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers: as in Tetris 99, players have to contend with other 98 opponents, challenging each other following the classic structure of the famous Pac-Man.

Didn't you understand what all the functions of the game are? Don't worry, in this guide we will explain everything you need to know about Pac-Man 99, along with useful information to get to the top step of the podium more easily.

For those familiar with the original game, it will not be difficult to get used to the structure of Pac-Man 99: the game screen is in fact made up of a labyrinth full of dots and patrolled by Ghosts of different colors, which lead to the game over if they enter contact with Pac-Man. You can then choose whether to escape or collect one of the four Energy Balls placed on either side of the maze, which make the Ghosts vulnerable for a short amount of time - shown by an indicator that appears in the center of the screen - allowing Pac-Man to swallow them in between. its yellow maw.

Compared to the original game, the novelties are mainly three:

  • Sleeping Ghosts: small ghosts placed in two parallel rows that - if collected - accumulate behind one of the Ghosts in the labyrinth: by collecting an Energy Ball these too become edible.
  • Pac-Man spoiler (white): stylized white Pac-Man moving around the arena, slowing the player's movements upon contact: as Ghosts are eaten, the opponents selected for the attack are sent Pac-Man Ravager (and vice versa ); the only way to get rid of them is to overcome them or to collect one of the Energy Balls, which will immediately go to clean the labyrinth. Their behavior changes depending on the number of remaining players.
  • Pac-Man Marauder (red): These Pac-Man Ravager lead to game over in case of contact with the player. They only appear when there are 50 or fewer players left and move randomly. Eating an Energy Ball doesn't allow you to get rid of them, it just locks them in place for the duration of the boost. The only way to clear the screen of these deadly opponents is to eat one of the fruits that appear in the center of the screen after eating enough dots.

The aforementioned fruits are not only useful for getting rid of the red Pac-Man Ravagers, but also for restoring all four Energy Balls and Sleeping Ghosts on the screen. However, you need to be very careful: eating a fruit means advancing rounds, which increases the speed of the Ghosts and changes the duration of the Energy Balls, making it even more difficult to survive the other 98 opponents and become the winner of the game.

On the left side of the screen you can see a list of four options, which can be selected using the main buttons on the console. These indicators allow you to decide what happens to Pac-Man when he swallows an Energy Ball. Let's see in detail what they mean and what their purpose is:

  • Standard: keeps things as they are, without providing additional abilities (other than the ability to eat Ghosts).
  • Harder: Pac-Man becomes slower and the duration of the Energy Ball decreases, but in return, more Pac-Man Ruiner is sent to the opponents.
  • Speed: Increases Pac-Man's speed for the duration of the Energy Ball, but fewer Pac-Man Ravagers are sent to opponents.
  • Train: increases the number of Ghosts that can be in a train, but generates a Pac-Man Ravager on your screen for each additional Ghosts.

At the same time, during the game you have to resist the opponent's attacks as long as possible, also trying to put them in difficulty. With the right analog you can decide which of the four options to select:

  • Chance: the attack is directed towards a random opponent.
  • Counterattack: the attack is directed towards other players who, in turn, have selected us as their target.
  • KO: the attack is directed towards the players closest to defeat.
  • Cacciatore: the attack is directed towards the players who have obtained the highest number of opponent KOs during the game.

While it is difficult to identify a unique tactic that will be effective at all times, it can be useful to start with the Speed ​​option, trying to clear the screen quickly to increase the overall speed, which will then allow you to escape when the maze is populated. by numerous dangerous creatures. It is important to emphasize that the game changes dramatically if you manage to clear the screen of dots, which is speed up (indicated by the counter on the left) making it more hectic; Furthermore, turning corners with the right timing can provide a useful sprint (if the timing is correct, small “sparks” appear on the screen during the turns).

When you decide to attack, it can be extremely profitable to use Train in combination with Counterattack, to create very powerful combos. Is critical minimize the use of fruits (which increase the round and therefore the difficulty) and it may finally be useful to use the two side tunnels, which do not change the speed of movement of Pac-Man but slow down that of the ghosts, allowing you to breathe and to be able to find an opening for the escape in difficult situations.

Did you find this guide useful? Please let us know what your achievements are on Pac-Man 99 and if you have already made it to the top spot.

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