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    Persona 5 Royal: Guide to Social Dowries

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    In Persona 5 Royal the Social Skills allow Akira to cope in any situation or to unlock new Confidants. Social Qualities are Knowledge, Expertise, Courage, Charm and Kindness. In this guide we will explain how to increase social skills in a short time and efficiently. Before continuing, it is necessary to inform you that in Persona 5 Royal it is possible to indulge in leisure activities inside the Leblanc - perfect for an extra boost to Social Skills - even after spending the afternoon in the Memento or inside a Palace.

    Knowledge: The most comfortable methods to raise knowledge are to study and answer correctly during class lessons. You can study in the library during the day, while at the Shibuya Diner and Leblanc at night. Studying in the library early in the game will raise Knowledge by one note rather than two due to the pressure Akira feels from students, but Courage will increase by one note. Later, studying in the library will raise Knowledge by two notes, but it will not increase Courage. At the Diner it is possible to pay extra to order something to eat or drink, which will allow another social gift to increase along with Knowledge. Finally, it should be noted that studying while it rains increases Knowledge by two notes rather than one. Developing the Confidante of Hifumi Togo will contribute to the increase of this social gift.

    Charm: Charm can be increased by working at the Convenience Store (working on days ending with 7 for more money and further increases the Charm). A good alternative would be to order menus when visiting Akihabara's Maid Cafe. In addition to an increase of 3 notes for the Charm, another social gift will also be increased by one note depending on the chosen dish. You will get 2 musical notes at each new rank achieved with Confidant Yoshida. Alternatively, you could use your evening time at the public sauna. This can be a double-edged sword, as depending on the weather conditions and the influx of people, the increase in Charm can vary up to a maximum of 3 notes. If Akira were to faint, it would all boil down to a single note for Charm despite having invested your time and money.

    expertise: Expertise can be developed at Yongen-Jaya's Batting Cage, where if you hit a home run the increment will be 3 notes. Alternatively, you can work at Iwai at the Softair Shop once its Confidant has been unlocked (this choice you can take advantage of in game phases where you also want to raise your rank with Iwai) or create tools for infiltration at home. If you want to raise the Expertise you can also work at the Beef Bowl Shop in Shibuya, only in the evening. You will raise the Expertise by 2 notes, 3 if you can correctly execute the orders.

    Courage: Courage is the only Social Dowry that cannot be increased by working. The best methods are reading books, watching DVDs, playing video games and going to the cinema. You can get books at the Shujin library or at bookstores in Shibuya and Shinjuku. The DVD player and the retrogaming console can be purchased in Yongen-Jaya at the old shop. Occasionally, you can also take on the Big Bang Burger challenge. They are a total of 3 challenges that if overcome raise the Courage by 3 notes and all other social skills by 1. Fortunately, Morgana will let you know in advance if Akira will be able to overcome the challenge, so as to avoid wasting your time.

    Kindness: Kindness is raised by working at the Florist inside the Shibuya shopping center. Alternatively, you can rely on books and video games or clean the Leblanc, an activity that also allows you to unlock the bronze trophy “Spazza e Ramazza”. Periodically, you can take care of the plant in your room. Get a Mega Fertilizer at the Shibuya Florist (open only at night) to get 3 more notes and without wasting Akira's free time.

    That's all, you can alternatively find out how to best distribute your free time in this guide.

    ► Persona 5 Royal is an Adventure-RPG game developed and published by ATLUS for PlayStation 4, the video game was released on 31/03/2020
    Persona 5 Royal is a game to own at all costs: we decided to evaluate it with a 98%, if you are interested in learning more you can read the Persona 5 Royal review

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