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    Pokémon Masters | How to evolve and mega evolve a pokémon step by step

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    These animals have special abilities and can be great friends, as Pokémon have a certain level of intelligence. People usually bond with a Pokémon to train it and make it stronger.

    This training occurs between battles that Pokémon trainers have. These battles in the game are simulated and alternate, in which the player has the opportunity to choose 1 of the 4 attacks that his pokémon can use against his current opponent.

    It is important to note that Pokémon is a game that despite looking simple, contains an incredibly complex system and code that gives rise to a battle system that today supports the connection between players and the game.

    What is Pokémon Masters?

    Pokemon Masters, today known as Pokémon Masters EX, is a game made by the developer DeNA. This game is part of the Game Freak franchise, which in turn is part of the monopoly of the companies that Nintendo created based on its core products.

    It is an application whose download is free from the Playstore for Android devices and from the Appstore for Apple-branded devices. The game was released on August 29, 2019.

    This game simulates the parts of video game battles Pokémon original, so it is acclaimed among the people who played these episodes during their childhood and is very attractive to new fans of the franchise.

    This is a rather complex game, requiring our phones to meet certain minimum requirements, such as 1024MB of storage and 2048MB of RAM. Sometimes it gives some problems, the most common is 20101. This can be fixed quickly.

    It occurs in the same universe as Pokemon GO, which has the premise of capturing the pokémon. Many times, the latest version of this app is not available on the Play Store, so people should know how to update Pokémon Go without Play Store. This has a set of minimum requirements quite similar to those of Pokemon Masters.

    Come far evolvere i Pokémon in Pokémon Masters EX?

    In order for a Pokémon to evolve, we will need to have a sufficient amount of evolutionary gems in our inventory. These are some gems that can be obtained in the in-game shop by exchanging it for the internal currency of the application; having a cost of 1000 coins for normal gems and 5000 coins for maximum gems. They can also be obtained by performing the Evolution missions offered by the game.

    Furthermore, he pokemon must meet a certain necessary level. In the original video games, the evolution of a pokémon consisted in raising it to level 15, then 33 and up to 45 in the case of more evolutions; however, in Pokémon Masters the beasts only evolve at levels 33 and 45. You must remember that the higher level you want your pokemon to evolve, the more gems you will end up using.

    How can I Mega Evolve my Pokemon easily?

    This is a new type of evolution for the franchise that has been ported to Pokémon X and Y, for Nintendo 3DS. This evolution is not available for all Pokémon and he'll be there alone until the end of the battle in which it is activated.

    This is activated only when using some pairs of pokemon compis, Blue with Pidgeot; Karen with her Houndoom; Korrina and her Lucario; Noland and Pinsir; Agata and Gengar; and finally Bugsy with his Beedrill.

    When you decide which mega evolve pokémon, the orders simply to perform a sync attack, which will activate the process and mega evolve your pokémon, making it stronger and bigger, giving you an advantage in battle.

    What is the evolution of Pokémon in Pokémon Masters?

    You may know that in real life, evolution is a concept that exists. This is based on the fact that people can show in the organisms around them that all of these will always try to evolve towards something better, stronger. They seek to evolve into an organism that can remain in the food chain stably.

    This is a process that takes so long in real life that no human will be able to see significant changes in any species during their lifetime. This is because they are changes that occur between thousands and millions of years. 

    In Pokémon, the concept of evolution has been slightly modified to better fit the narrative of the world it seeks to establish. In this case, it's fast and happens under the influence of the player. It turns out that in this world, Pokémon evolve based on the amount of combat experience they have.

    In this case, the evolutions still mean an increase in the strength of the character, in addition to that he will also be able to learn movements that they will help him beat the game. 

    What is the difference between evolve and megaevolve?

    This is a very clear difference that can be seen directly during the game. In case of evolutions, these will occur in specific parts of the game where the player has made reach al own pokémon a certain level.

    Evolutions are permanent and cannot be reversed. If your Pikachu evolves into Raichu, you won't be able to go back to having a Pikachu. This is because Pokémon can only earn experience points, but they cannot lose them. 

    On the other hand, megaevolution is done through a number of mechanisms that the game has. Megaevolution is reversible and only temporary. This is activated only during the time of the battle and at the end, the pokémon returns to its original state.

    Mega Evolution is an improved version of the normal evolutions, only it just happens for short periods of time.

    How can I get Evolution Gems in Pokémon Masters?

    This is a very simple process, as to get them you will only have to go into the game store. Once there, you will see that the stones can be obtained exchanging gold coins for them. 

    What are the Pokémon that can mega evolve?

    This type of evolution is not available for all Pokémon in the game. It is important that you know that the only Pokémon that can Mega Evolve in the game are:

    • Beedrill
    • Pidgeot
    • Lucario
    • Houndoom
    • Finally Gengar.





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