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Here are all the trophies present within the title.

You have tested the horror offered by Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, a title belonging to the homonymous series of signed horror titles Capcom and landed on PC and console during 2017, and you want to complete it 100%? We're happy to help you with this in-game trophy guide!

  • Home Sweet Home - complete the game on easy mode or higher;
  • House of Horrors - complete the game in normal mode or higher;
  • A little privacy - you will be able to get this trophy already in the first minutes of the game Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. As soon as you enter the guest house and go through the first door, you just need to turn 180 ° and press X to close the door;
  • Human shield - repel any enemy attack by pressing L1;
  • Eureka! - pick up an object, rotate it with L3 and R3 until the command X appears, or “examine”;
  • In Jill's footsteps - In the laundry room of the Main House, to the right of the door to exit, you will find a box on a shelf. Inside you will find a lockpick which, once used on any drawer, will allow you to get the trophy;
  • Some shadow of a doubt - after defeating the father of the family Jack Baker for the first time, that is in the garage, to get this trophy you will have to go to the Entrance Hall, and then head towards the painting illuminated by a spotlight. Place any object on the pedestal in front of you, and then exit by pressing circle, to get the trophy;

  • Without limits - to unlock this bronze you will only have to use the psychostimulants, useful for identifying objects - even hidden - in the surrounding space;
  • Maybe there is still room - increase the number of slots in the inventory, using one of the backpacks you will find during the adventure;
  • Knife in the wound - obtaining this trophy will be easy: it will be enough for you to give the final blow to an enemy using the knife;
  • Do it yourself pest control - once you get to the old house you will have to, to get the trophy, eliminate all the insects on a door, using only the knife;
  • Meatloaf of the house - to unlock this bronze you will have to eliminate an enemy using a remote bomb. You will only be able to find and use the latter once you reach the ship, which is more than halfway through the game;
  • Alchemist - create all objects containing chemical fluid and chemical fluid (strong). To succeed, it will be necessary to avoid wasting supplements;
  • Try to catch me - once you have defeated Jack in the garage, go to the game room on the first floor: on the bar counter you will find the “Mia” box. Once inserted into the VCR you will find yourself taking on the role of Mia in a short sequence that, in order to get the trophy, you will have to finish without ever being seen by Marguerite. To succeed, just stay crouched and wait for his passage to another room, and then move quickly to another hiding place;
  • Please rewind - look at all the videotapes - there are 4, the last of which is compulsory - in a single game campaign;
  • Where is Mr. Everywhere? - destroy a Mr. Everywhere figurine;
  • She is still alive - you will compulsorily unlock this trophy by simply arriving at the end of the first introductory video;
  • You are not welcome - trophy related to the story, obtainable after the fight with Mia;
  • Where do you think you're going? - another story trophy, unlockable once you reach the garden;
  • Skeletons in the closet - trophy obtainable by continuing in the story and, more precisely, after having obtained the "arm series d" in the old house;
  • Run and don't turn around - you will get this trophy after escaping the Bakers, leaving the dock aboard the boat;
  • To the lifeboats - unlockable trophy just before the game ends, as soon as you manage to abandon ship.

  • Mental hospital - complete the game on the "Madhouse" difficulty, which is the hardest. To do this, we recommend that you first complete the game in speedrun, in order to obtain the very useful circular saw, and to destroy all twenty statuettes of Mr. Everywhere. To get the trophy you will also have to find all 33 ancient coins, otherwise you will have to redo the whole run!
  • Savings - eliminate two or more enemies at once, perhaps using a swarm of insects;
  • Sweet surprise - complete the “Happy Birthday” videotape, which can be found in the wardrobe in the attic, in less than five minutes;
  • Hunting for pelicans - get all the ancient coins on the difficulty “There's no place like Home” and “House of Horrors”: there are 18 for each mode, except the most difficult;
  • Crazy Pelicans - get all 33 ancient coins in Asylum mode;
  • Nosy - read all the documents in a single playthrough (there are 32 in total). Remember that, in case of death, to get the trophy of Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, you will have to go and re-read the documents from the save point;

  • Goodbye Mr. Everywhere - destroy all the Mr. Everywhere figurines. The latter are 20;
  • End of the Night - mid-game, once you've defeated Jack at the dock, choose to save Mia and get ending 1;
  • Just a memory - mid-game, once you've defeated Jack at the dock, choose to save Zoe;
  • Rebellious youth - in the old house attack Marguerite until she lands you and runs away later;
  • For a hair - trophy obtainable in the morgue. During the battle with Jack you will have to, when the latter raises the chainsaw to charge the attack, press R3 to crouch;
  • Clay pigeon shooting - trophy obtainable, in the fight with Marguerite at the greenhouse, by shooting her just before she jumps on you.

  • No more chatter - complete Resident Evil 7: Biohazard in 4 hours;
  • Survivalist - complete the game without opening the item box more than 3 times, that is: in the “happy birthday” room, immediately after the latter and once the old ship has been abandoned;
  • Only natural remedies - complete the game using the medical solution no more than three times.

  • Welcome to the family - get all trophies of Resident Evil 7: Biohazard.

Once you have unlocked all the trophies in the game you will have completed the adventure 100%, exploring it in all its terrifying aspects. You will complete Resident Evil 7: Biohazard both PC both on console PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

► Resident Evil 7: Biohazard - Deluxe Edition is an Adventure type game for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, the video game was released on 24/01/2017

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