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Here is the return of the adventure series with horror connotations by Capcom.

As written in our review, Resident evil village recalls Resident Evil 4 following at the same time the revolution started with Resident Evil 7, in which everything has changed, evolving and returning at the same time to the origins, with a first-person perspective able to hide behind it the true soul of the Survival Horror conceived by Shinji Mikami. Resident Evil Village is the latest installment in Capcom's iconic horror series that immerses players in a new setting with a protagonist already known to fans.

Available May 7, 2021 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and PC, the Sony console version of Resident Evil Village features 39 bronze, 6 silver, 3 gold trophies plus the inevitable platinum, for a total of 49 trophies. Below we illustrate all the trophies of Resident Evil Village for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5:



  • Beware of the Wolf! - Survive the Lycan attack
  • The four gentlemen - Escape the mine
  • Ethan the Vampire Slayer - Defeat Dimitrescu's mutation
  • Hi Dolly - Defeat Donna and Angie
  • Fish out of water - Defeat Moreau's mutation
  • Second round - Defeat Uriaș in the fortress
  • Ethan and the stone goblet - place the Chalice of the Giants in the place of the ceremony
  • Principle of elimination - Defeat the Heisenberg mutation. | Trophy linked to history, cannot be missed.
  • The roots of evil - Find the megamycete in the underground ruins
  • A model dad - Complete the story on normal difficulty or higher
  • Creative - Create an object
  • New client - Make a purchase from the Duke in Story Mode
  • Burglar - Unlock a simple lock with a lockpick
  • Restorer - Combine the parts of a treasure to get the complete shape
  • Cacciatore - Take down an animal in Story mode
  • Rolling what a passion - Complete a maze
  • Never say goals - Move the ball from the bedroom to the adjacent study
  • I hate crows - Take down 5 flying crows in Story mode
  • When nature calls ... - Open the door to all village latrines in one playthrough
  • Let's change the air! - Break all possible windows in Dimitrescu Castle in one playthrough
  • Factory waste - Take down soldiers hanging from the conveyor belt in the factory
  • Social distancing - Push an enemy away after parrying their attack in Story Mode
  • Sniper - Defeat an enemy from long range with a sniper rifle in Story mode
  • Three for the price of one - Defeat at least three enemies with a single attack in Story Mode
  • Cooked to perfection - Set a Moroaică on fire in Story mode
  • Lightning reflexes - Deflect a flaming arrow with a melee weapon in Story Mode
  • Pack leader - Defeat Vârcolac Alfa in Story mode
  • David against Goliath - Defeat Uriaș during the first Lycan attack in the village
  • photographer - Use photo mode
  • Settebello - Accumulate exactly 777 Lei, 7.777 Lei, or 77.777 Lei in Story mode
  • Cartographer - Complete the village map
  • Goat! - Destroy a tutelary goat
  • Goat Crack! - Destroy all tutelary goats
  • Gunsmith - Customize a weapon with a modification part
  • Kendo approved - Customize all weapons with their respective modification parts in Story mode
  • DIY expert - Create all types of objects available in the "create" menu
  • Craftsman - Get all blueprints to craft items
  • Avid reader - Read all documents in story mode
  • King of combos - Get a combo of at least 30 in Mercenaries mode


  • Dad of the year - Complete the story on Extreme difficulty or higher
  • Dad is in a hurry! - Complete the story in up to 3 hours
  • Low cost travel - Complete the story by spending a maximum of 10.000 Lei
  • Legendary Mercenary - Get S-rated or higher on all levels of Mercenaries mode
  • Model collector - View the models of all characters and weapons in the Bonus menu
  • Art collector - View all concept art


  • Best dad in the world - Complete the story on Shadow Village difficulty
  • Never trust concoctions - Complete the story using up to 4 healing items
  • In the old way ... - Complete the story using only melee weapons (some boss fights excluded)


  • Ethan Winters - Get all trophies

► Resident Evil Village is an Adventure-type game developed and published by Capcom for PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, it will be released in 2021

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