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Among the most anticipated exclusives of PlayStation 5 this year is coming return. The title will run at 4K - 60 FPS with ray tracing effects enabled, waiting to find out more about this new PlayStation exclusive signed Housemarque, in these pages we see the trophy list. The premises are those of a feasible platinum and not at all complex but we invite you to see the trophy list with us (beware of possible spoilers).


  • Atropic survival
    Learn the basics of survival on Atropos.

  • A shadow in the fog
    Defeat Phrike.
  • Ascension Day
    Defeat Ixion.
  • Favorable judgment
    Defeat Nemesis.
  • Chant interrupted
    Defeat Hyperion.
  • Inner darkness
    Defeat Ophion.
  • Second chance
    Return via an exhibit.
  • Encrypted messages
    Scan a xenoglyph.
  • Encrypted translations
    Unlock all translation degrees of a xenoglyph.
  • Surgical precision
    Perform 5 overloads in a row.
  • Field training
    Complete a daily challenge in Simulation mode.
  • Impenetrable armor
    Achieve 200% maximum integrity.
  • Calculated risk
    Conclude Calculated risk.
  • Peak of adrenaline
    Reach the maximum adrenaline level.
  • Irreversible contamination
    Keep 5 parasites attached to the suit.
  • Eternal return
    Die for the first time.
  • Alternative fates
    Collect 10 Exploration Logs.
  • Homecoming
    Complete the first sequence in the house.


  • Failed escape
    Conclude Act I.
  • Last run
    Conclude Act II.
  • Adaptation to the environment
    Reach level 30 weapon proficiency.
  • The sins of the mother
    Complete all the sequences in the house.
  • Visions of the past
    Complete a set of xenoarchives.


  • Beyond the ruins
    Finish your investigation of the Uncultivated Ruins.
  • Climbing the mountain
    Conclude the investigation of the Scarlet Lands.
  • In the forgotten city
    Conclude the investigation of the dilapidated Citadel.
  • Echoes of the past
    Finish your investigation of the Echoing Ruins.
  • Frozen time
    Conclude the investigation of the destroyed wastes.
  • Drowned memories
    Conclude the investigation of the Abyssal Rift.
  • Pale shade
    Conclude Act III.


  • Helios
    Collect all trophies.

Returnal is designed to maximize replayability thanks to a dynamic and fast-paced roguelike gameplay that leads the player to discover how the world around them changes with each cycle. Each rebirth offers new possibilities, forcing you to break out of the box and face fights with an ever-changing strategy.

► Returnal is a Shooter type game developed by Housemarque and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment for PlayStation 5, the video game was released on 30/04/2021

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