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Garena is a developer who has been very important in the recent history of cell phones. This is because they managed to bring reliable versions of Triple-A titles, such as Shooters and racing games, in a format accessible to all people who have a phone in recent years.

It is important to note that these games always have ranking systems and themes that are updated every season.

Garena has developed two games that they have become extremely popular among Android users around the world. These two are Free Fire and Garena Speed ​​Drifters. These bring the experiences of Fortnite and Mario Kart to the mobile screen and make them available to countless users through their cards in the Playstore.

Both Free Fire and Garena Speed ​​Drifters are made with a special system that was designed by the developers, which require certain  hardware characteristics of our device.

We recommend having a modern mobile, however you can see what Free Fire's requirements are, which they also serve give an idea of ​​the system requirements that Speed ​​Drifters has.

What are the Garena Speed ​​Drifters talking about?

Speed ​​Drifters is an action and racing game which follows the basic formula of arcade racing games. However, the advantage that is available for phones gives it a very large advantage over titles only available for large consoles.

This game turned out to be very varied and it is important that you know that Speed ​​Drifters has several names and that the Spanish-speaking places are known under the name of Article.

It was originally designed for PC and was released in 2010. It was an extremely popular game, reaching two million active users shortly after its release.

This game was ported by Garena to a mobile version for distribution via the Google Play Store and Appstore. Its first mobile application was the December 29 2017 for users in China and January 16, 2019 for users in the rest of the world.

What bugs are there in Garena Speed ​​Drifters?

These can be very varied and the blame for these errors is always shared between the internet service company we subscribe to, as well as the way our phones are made. Also, it is very common for this game's servers to experience connection problems when trying to access the game.

In many cases, i our phones will not be able to run the game for a variety of reasons. Therefore, it is very common for players to look for the Solution when Speed ​​Drifters gets stuck on a black screen. To play, we recommend the user to have a moderately modern mobile model, or at least 3 years ago.

How To Fix «Login & Network Error» in Garena Speed ​​Drifters.

When they opened up the ability for more people to connect, the companies that developed the game had to invest heavily in servers to support the game. Therefore, the game has several micropayment systems which serve to maintain an infrastructure worth billions of euros.

This is crucial to know why this error occurs. It turns out that the more people play at the same time globally, the heavier and slower the servers for Android and iPhone will be. This is bad for people who are trying to play the game, as the game has several systems that prevent people with bad server connections from connecting, all to avoid the frustrating experience of playing with Ping Alt o.

The game every time you try to log in, it has to send information to the server. If the response takes a long time, a problem commonly occurs known as "Server Timeout", which shows that there is no stable connection to the servers.

This can be caused by the number of connected people or from your router. That is why we advise users to know how to configure their router in order to get the most out of this important device.

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